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Are you looking for contact lenses to wear on a special occasion this month? Here are the best monthly contact lenses of Softlens Queen to help you look cooler than ever

This is a new arrival in the Softlens Queen catalog. The Sweety Chanell Colored Contact lenses will make you look fabulous in every party this month. This product has become the customers’ favorite since it is launched for the first time. The lens comes with the realistic type that will look natural on your eyes. The gray and brown color provided is absolutely wonderful and create certain illusion that your eyes look natural. The base curve of this product is 8.6 mm while the diameter is 14.50.

Being manufactured in Korea, this contact lens can be used for a maximal duration of 1 month. The water content is 40% while the size of Plano till -6.00. Due to the options of size provided, you need to have a prescription first before you decide to buy the product. One of the best thing about purchasing this Sweety Chanell from Softlens Queen is that you will be able to enjoy discount up to 22%. In other words, if you buy the product this month you will save up to $6.70 from the total price of $29.50. This is such a nice offering that you should not miss.

Get ready for Sweety Chanell

Sold out

Sold out

Sweety Chanell From Sweety+

Sweety Chanell is one of the best monthly contact lenses provided by Softlens Queen. This new arrival soft lens is the best seller that has been sold in a fantastic amount just shortly after the product is displayed on the Softlens Queen catalog for the first time. The brown color applied in this soft lens is natural so that will not make you look weird. Just like the Sweety Chanell Grey, this contact lens also comes with 8.6 mm of base curve and 14.50 mm in diameter.

The water content of this Sweety Chanell is also 40% with optimum usage up to 1 month. Either you have a clear vision or not, you can still use this contact lens since the product is available for those with a prescription. The size offered is Plano for those with no vision issues. If you have a problem with your sight, you can still this product as long as the size is not more than -6.00.

This new arrival Contact lenses is the best seller that has been sold in a fantastic amount just shortly after the product is displayed on the Softlens Queen catalog for the first time.

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Why Choosing Softlens Queen?

Besides the two best monthly contact lenses , there are many other soft lens products provided by Softlens Queen. You can choose the contact lens that will be suitable the most with you need by using some categories such as brands, types, and much more. For the brands, there are various options that the customers can select such as Anime, Eye Candy, Bona Lensi, Avenue, Batis 46 Lens and more. You can also easily find the rightest product you need by selecting the styles of contact lenses available such as the dolly, realistic, natural, costume, and more. The sizes offered are also the complete ones, you can either choose the one with or without prescription based on the health of your eyes.

Softlens Queen
Softlens Queen

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Bona lenses

Beautiful color

Very natural looking

Comfortable and they look natural with my hazel eyes. Looks soft and pretty!


I love them..i buy from softlensqueen all the time I'm never unsatisfied ❤

i love it

color looks great and people can't even tell they're contacts unless they're super up close and personal. i'm out here catfishing as if my eyes were really blue

Beautiful, natural, comfortable!

These are my all-time favorite lenses. This is my third time purchasing, first time from SoftLens Queen. Still just as amazed and in love, and they blend beautifully in my green-brown eyes. The pictures are of it with natural light, and with my ring light, and it's just as flawless either way!