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      Perfect thank so much !

      These contacts are just beautiful my eyes are Hazel with a hint of more brown and these contacts make them look so much more Mystical. the blue Shade just come right through my natural eyes i love it ♡

      Mayumi wolf
      Buy : Avenue Azul Blue

      This picture is no filter, no editing.

      My eyes are brown, and these contacts really showed up nicely! I’ve been told they are too bright, but I think they look great.

      Brianna B
      Sweety Pitchy Blue

      Pigment on dark brown eyes.

      These contacts are absolutely phenomenal!!!! The pigmentation on brown eyes are incredible and so realistic.

      Sweety Spatax Green

      Best Contacts Ever

      I love these contacts. They look so so natural! I wear them all day and they’re super comfortable and easy to wear. They are just enough blue and hue.I recommend them all the way!

      Denisse Montero
      Batis Spartax Azul (NR)

      If I could give 10 stars I would!!

      These are perfect for my eyes! Like I'm so excited and impressed. I can see perfectly out of them and the color is beautiful! Looks awesome in pictures. They fit comfortably as well. Last pair didn't feel comfortable at all and I couldn't see out of them and they were smaller. I will definitely buy more of this brand!

      Alexandrea Erbert
      Avenue Highlight Green

      Eyes on her

      Judge for yourself. My daughter looks amazing in her new 'eyes.'
      She loves the color and the comfort.

      Ana Matias-Roe
      Kitty Mini Ava Blue

      I absolutely love it

      I'm in love with these contacts. I highly recommend. I have natural dark brown eyes and these contacts really do change my looks

      Chen Vang
      Sweety Spatax Gray


      I love these contacts! The color payoff is amazing and they are so comfortable! I sometimes forget I’m wearing them! Everyone loves how realistic they are . I am for sure ordering more.

      Author's name
      Sweety Pitchy Gray

      I love them

      I love how these contacts blend in.

      Wesley Mills
      Dream Color Matake Green