Sweety Plus

Sweety Pitchy Blue

Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) 14,50
Water Content (%) 40
Duration (max.) 6 month
Include Free Lenscase
Size Plano till -6.00


Sweety Pitchy Blue Circle Lenses

Sweety Pitchy Blue contact lenses are everything natural circle lens lovers have dreamed about: have a 14.50mm diameter, ready without limbal ring, everyday-wearable colors, fuss-free disposable format, all with the superior comfort and quality from a trusted brand.

Slightly enhance your eye size with these single tone 14.5mm colored contacts, the natural looking choice for lovers of simplicity while staying on trend. With a 6 monthly wear duration and moisturizing comfort provided by the Polymacon/2-HEMA material it's made out of, you'll never get tired of wearing these circle lenses!

    • Sweety Pitchy Blue with an inner splash of blue around your iris, giving your eyes a youthful glow that matches with any color of eyeshadow or liner. These blue contact lenses take less than 30s to put on, but provide you with an entire day's worth of charming beauty. Perfect for busy lifestyles, Convenience and beauty have never been so accessible!
    • Available in both non prescription and myopia prescription (power 0.00 ~ -6.00)
    • A contact lens brand trusted for generations, Sweety Plus incorporates only the highest quality, FDA-approved materials in their lenses. Rest assured that you are getting the best of the best for cosmetic contact lenses!
    • Ever wished for deep, intense eyes that you can't look away from? Look no further and make the streets your very own runway as you rock this pair of circle lenses. Perfect for any time, any occasion and any outfit.
    • Available in prescription till -6.00
    • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
    • With a 14.5diameter and a 40% water content your eyes will be subtly bigger and more hydrated than ever.
    • Manufactured by industry veterans Deuba Sweety Plus from Korea, each pair of lenses is made with Polymacon material and are usable for up to a year.


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sweety pitchy blue

Awesome!! Look aqua. My eyes are green. With these people tell me how pretty my eyes are

The best

The best site


Love these contacts! They are beautiful and can even cover brown eyes. They were very comfortable too and I couldn’t see them when I wore them! So I even forgot I even had them in.

Different but pretty

I like them, but I like the spatax gray better. You decide!

Super comfy and natural!!! ^w^

These contacts are amazing!! These are the most comfortable contacts that I have ever used including the clear lenses. I wear them over 15 hours every day, even under the AC without a single problem. They perfectly fit on my eyes, no slipping or anything, no bleeding on the whitish part of the eye either. Their base curve and diameter is perfect for me. And yes, they look absolutely natural. The colour is more of an ocean blue on my eyes, from the videos that I have seen I rather expected the colour to have more of a green-blue shade with a higher emphasis on sea green. Yet, I don't complain, I love the colour (my natural eye colour is lightish brown) ^w^ I have prescription contacts and they do correct my vision even better than the clear lenses.

Previously I bought Solotica hidrocor topazio lenses yet they looked zombie-like on me, too bright, too fake and most importantly too uncomfy that I had to use eye drops every hour and clean my lenses every once in a while during the day. I couldn't wear those more than a couple of hours and never had a good vision with them, always foggy and irritated.

Btw they arrived in Istanbul in only 12 days, amazing! The support team helped me throughout the buying process as well. I'd only order from Softlens Queen, I highly recommend both the seller and these contacts in any colour.