About us

Who we are

Softlens Queen is an online store specialized in Colored Contact Lenses. Our contact lenses are from various brands that you can trust in a quality which has approved by both the Thai dan Korean FDA administration. We sell these contact lenses based on our interest and passion to eye beauties.


Softlens Queen's strives to provide the largest variety of cosmetic color contact lenses at the best possible prices. Prioritizing your health above all, we take great care to ensure that all our products meet international quality standards and are approved for safe use.


We maintain a high standard of the products that we offer to our clients. Our pledge to offering quality products at the best prices is achieved as we source items from only reputable companies and foster good relationships directly with the manufacturers.

Let Someone See The Beauty Through Your Eyes

- Softlens Queen

The journey so far!

Softlens Queen was established in 2009 in Indonesia. At first, we only sell our products ion the local market with Blezink Cupidz as our business name.


Blezink Cupidz itself also developed into the most extensive online Contact Lenses store in Indonesia at that time.


From that time on, we have thousands of customers from various provinces in our country, Indonesia, and finally, some media made a buzz about our business.


As time goes by, we decided to change our business concept. Precisely in October 2015, we expanded our marketing, not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

World Wide Shipping

Shipped to over 60 countries since 2015

14-days return

We always ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our service and product quality.

Satisfied Customers

9000++ satisfied customers we have

Our values

We were ready to compete in the global market; we also remain committed to providing the best service to customers from various countries.


Realizing that contact lenses are not only a visual aid tool, we also provide the best range of contact lenses products needed by consumers.


Not only that, but we also offer contact lenses or colored contacts from high-quality products guaranteed by KFDA institutions from South Korea.


Until now, we have at least 9000++ loyal customers, not only in Indonesia but worldwide, and have shipped our product to over 60 countries.


With the commitment and mission we have, we dedicate ourselves to provide the best service for you and the best contact lens products to suit your needs. Because for us, the customer is the life that made us live today.