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Your are the best I love my contacts

Beautiful lens I love ordering from here

I love ordering from here they just take a while to get here

I've loved these contacts for years! There are people who think this is my natural eye color and my natural eyes are a darker brown. I wear them all day everyday. Very comfortable.

These lenses are literally the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn. I can wear them for more than 6 hours and they will still be comfortable. Granted I have very dark brown eyes, so the pigmentation on these are very true to color! Definitely top favorite.

Batis Spartax Ice (NR)
Cristianne V.

Always love getting compliments I've been a 7 year customer!!

Love the color looks better then I expected, feels Comfortable and look great in photos.

Love the color of these contacts, they are so pretty and looks blue sometimes grey Depending on my make up

Eos Maki Blue
David S.

The color is so vibrant and they are super comfy

EOS Teresa Gray
Joshua V.

I love the realistic look.. sometimes I get asked IF I'm wearing contacts 😉

I have worn Softlens Queen for 3+ years!!! They are comfortable, breathable and beautiful! I get compliments on my eyes often. People have a hard time telling if the contact color is the actual color of my eyes!! The only drawback is that they take some time to receive. Generally about 2-3 weeks. Definitely worth the wait!!

They are perfect! My favorite contacts I get compliments when I wear them all the time!

MICA Sparkle Oasis
Stephanie A.

The color looked absolutely dreamy on me, and The lenses are way more comfortable than they had been in the past. They must have changed their quality standards, because I can wear these all day long without any irritation!

My favorite contacts ever!!!! Been using em for years. Never disappointed! Super comfortable 😌

These contacts are super comfortable, soft and natural looking! Definitely recommend SoftLens Queen!!

Amazing tight pupil hall super comfortable I recomend

They are very comfortable...and easy to wear

Love these contacts so much! They are comfortable and so vibrant! I got so many compliments. Everyone thought they were my real eye color cuz they look so natural.

Avenue FX Blue
Ivette D.

These looks so real is amazing! Love them.

My favorite contacts of all times!!! I cannot live without it! I feel my most beautiful with these beautiful circle lens turquoise contacts. They are comfortable for me. I never had any problems with them. Everyone who sees me with it, will always asked me where I got them. I have been purchasing them for many years now. I truly appreciate that these are prescription lens. Thank you!!!

I really love these! So comfy & the color shows up really well with my dark brn/ blk eyes. I get a lot of compliments with how vibrant they are.


Love love love these!!! Soflens Queen has been my go to for contacts for many years now and I have never been happier!! The way the fit, feel and a the reasonable prices are definitely a plus!! Looking forward to continuing business with this company!

Sweety Pitchy Gray
priscila m.

Wonderfull lenses I love this brand and this model os lenses, I buy for more than 6 years now and I dont live without

Eos Maki Blue
Madelyn R.

They are comfortable, the prescription is perfect, and they look as expected…a true head turner.

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