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Gotta have em

Perfect and comfortable!

Pigment on dark brown eyes.

These contacts are absolutely phenomenal!!!! The pigmentation on brown eyes are incredible and so realistic.

I love it

I love this product very much.they are very comfortable to wear all day and they don’t dry out. The delivery is super fast and the product is very well protected so there’s no damage upon arrival. The packaging is super 🥰 They are simply the best I wouldn’t change them for nothing. They got a life customer with me ❤️

Princess Seattle Marine blue

Very vibrant and comfortable.


The best wouldn’t change them. Very comfortable


The color is so vibrant. I have dark brown eyes and they stand out. I get so many compliments. I love them. Trust me its worth the buy. They are very comfortable.


Very realistic-looking design. The pigment has the pattern of a real iris instead of color dots. It has a gray/blue limbal ring and the rest of the lenses is white/hazelish. I just wished the color had more gray/blue in it towards the center not just the edge. I would give it 5 stars if the pupil hole was smaller and more blended like the Mini Ava or Mini Milin lines instead of a big circle like it is now. If the manufacturer were to revise this, it would be the perfect color lens.

Love it

Love them

The color is real grey and it goin into bright grey at sun. These are the biggest diameter effect as a cosmetic contacts. The enlargement effect is amazing and it gives the real dolly effect. The design is too stark that it makes the lenses a bit unnatural.

To be honest, from the pictures I was expecting more of a dark purplish blue, but on my eyes they looked a lot more violet. I know colors can differ with different eyes oh, so that wasn't a bad thing for me. The color was still radiant and just perfect for brown eyes. I wore them to a New Year's party and got so many compliments!

This was the pair I was most excited to receive. The color is gorgeous, and the dark limbal ring really makes it stand out and makes your eyes look slightly bigger. They really complemented my light brown eyes.

This was my favorite pair because they have a limbal ring that makes your eyes look even bigger, but not too big. The beautiful sparkly ocean color really complemented my light brown eyes. I'm in love with this pair!

These lenses are magical! They have a beautiful radiance and the color is almost otherworldly. Most people could not put their finger on what color my eyes were, because the reflective properties of the lenses seem to change color from different viewpoints. I am definitely buying these again!

This picture is no filter, no editing. My eyes are brown, and these contacts really showed up nicely! I’ve been told they are too bright, but I think they look great.

These are in no way more like kinda greenish yellow i have really dark brown eyes , but they are really comfortable and very bright and noticable in a weird color

They’re comfortable and don’t look fake.

I really love these one more then I can say... I wasn’t really expecting it... the color change is amazing and can’t really tell if they are mine or contacts lol... I get asked all the time.. and they are very comfortable...

I love them!!! My eyes are a medium brown. These lenses make my eyes look very natural even in sunlight! The perfect accent to my eyes with No Zombie look which is what I was afraid of because I didn’t know how this type of hazel lens would look. I wish they would last longer. I didn’t get a full 30 day wear out of them before they started to irritate and burn my eyes. I thought cleaning would help but it didn’t. If you purchase these lenses do not expect a full 30 day wear out of them. Consider purchasing an additional pair of the same lens for backup. I just ordered my second pair with an additional pair. These are my daily lenses and will purchase again and again. I hope they work on making them longer wearing.There is no other lens out there more natural looking than these.

it is very comfortable for long hours , recommended!

Talk about looking completely realistic! The detail in the design is impeccable. Love these new contacts!

Absolutely amazing

Both my children use these contacts and love them .

I love these contacts! They’re so pretty and really do complete the whole makeup look.