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Excellent and exactly 💯 expected #TeresaGray

100 % #TeresaGray .. totally liking the look

Avenue FX Gray
Best for dark color eyes

I’ve bought so many different brands and colors that look really great in picture but when you put them on it looks fake and doesn’t even blend in like how it would look in the picture but this contact right here is the best hands down!!! If you want a realistic eyes that pop up and draw attention you should buy this! Everybody thinks they’re my real eyes lol 😂 but trust me it will look good on you!!!!

Galaxy Eyes

Light blue and light pink coloring look like a delicate nebula dotted with white stars up close, farther away the colors blend into lilac. (I have natural dark eyes so I get a darker shade than I presume lighter color eyes would display.) All-in-all, my expectations were delightfully met!


There beautiful just not as eye catching as I thought they would be

Not the contacts I ordered

I had ordered these once before and I absolutely loved them so when it was time to order them again I got two pairs but they weren’t the same color I noticed these weren’t as light and bright as the first ones I had gotten. Though very pretty it still wasn’t what I had gotten the first time. I posted the pictures for comparison.

Flash of blue

I really like that this style has the dark ring, it gives a more realistic look (despite being glittery and reflective). 💖
The color reflection still shows up on my almost black eyes. It's a very pretty medium blue. I think it will look more electric on people with blue or green eyes.

Contacts feel great and the color is beautiful . A natural look .

sweety spatax grey

I get soo many compliments wearing these. Most people think they are my real eyes. This is my 3rd time ordering and I love it.

Perfect Fit

Purchase came in good timing, I love the comfort and look😊
I will definitely purchase more


Really brightens your eyes enhances my light eyes. Very comfortable.

Avenue fx grey

Senhores comprei uma das primeiras lentes e era simplesmente linda, o cinza era mais forte o que fazia parecer verde. Hoje é tão claro que parece azul! O que houve?

The best ، most comfortable lenses ever , super natural for people with big eyes specially zelen.


I received these as my 'free pair' on a promotion they did last month. The color is very subtle, works well for someone looking for just a little enhancement.
I gave it 4/5 stars because the are not as comfortable as some of the other pairs I have tried. Nothing horrible, just a little dry. I would recommend, especially
for those going for a very natural look.

Very pretty

Pretty color. Love them. Makes my eyes look bigger but I like that! I'll order again!

Gotta have em

Perfect and comfortable!

Pigment on dark brown eyes.

These contacts are absolutely phenomenal!!!! The pigmentation on brown eyes are incredible and so realistic.

I love it

I love this product very much.they are very comfortable to wear all day and they don’t dry out. The delivery is super fast and the product is very well protected so there’s no damage upon arrival. The packaging is super 🥰 They are simply the best I wouldn’t change them for nothing. They got a life customer with me ❤️

Princess Seattle Marine blue

Very vibrant and comfortable.


The best wouldn’t change them. Very comfortable


The color is so vibrant. I have dark brown eyes and they stand out. I get so many compliments. I love them. Trust me its worth the buy. They are very comfortable.


Very realistic-looking design. The pigment has the pattern of a real iris instead of color dots. It has a gray/blue limbal ring and the rest of the lenses is white/hazelish. I just wished the color had more gray/blue in it towards the center not just the edge. I would give it 5 stars if the pupil hole was smaller and more blended like the Mini Ava or Mini Milin lines instead of a big circle like it is now. If the manufacturer were to revise this, it would be the perfect color lens.

Love it

Love them

The color is real grey and it goin into bright grey at sun. These are the biggest diameter effect as a cosmetic contacts. The enlargement effect is amazing and it gives the real dolly effect. The design is too stark that it makes the lenses a bit unnatural.