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Awesome color

Really beautiful color, found myself a girlfriend thanks to it, she thinks that my eyes are naturally this beautiful, hopefully, she never realize it :D

Very vibrant against dark brown, nearly black eyes! Comfortable and easy to wear as well.

Sweety Spatax Gray
Della Segotta

I have received your product and am satisfied overall withe the contacts I have ordered a second pair and look forward to ordering in the future.


They are really gorgeous!!!! I am so happy I bought them!!!

MICA Sparkle Champagne
Patricia Lease

These contacts are my favorite. Metallic, shiny silver with a touch of bronze in the center. Has a dark outer ring to blend and slightly enlarge your iris. I get a lot of compliments with these. Amazing for everyday use, and would be great for cosplay... vampires, werewolves, androids, Riddick!!

Excellent and exactly 💯 expected #TeresaGray

Great compliments and just reorder 2 more ! 😉👍

Luna Prism Gray
Victoria Cheeks
Often mistaken for my natural eyes!

I love wearing these lenses! They look fantastic on me, cover my natural dark eyes perfectly and are super comfortable. Plus the prescription is better than my American ones!

Bona Coffee Matcha
Victoria Cheeks
Love this color!

I have naturally deep brown/black eyes and this lens completely covers my color and suits my skin no matter what color hair I'm rocking. Prescription is spot on, daily wear comfort level is about 8/10. Would recommend keeping eye drops on hand if you're wearing 18+ hours.

Scandi Olive
Tan Gut

Very natural in medium brown eyes, they look yellowish, not my favorite

Very nice contacts but they match my eyes

You can't really tell a difference with these in on my eyes because they match them but I like them

Very nice color

Very nice color look very beautiful on but I wore them one time went to put them in the second day and noticed a tear in one of them so was not able to wear them again it's a lot of money to spend and not be able to wear them the second time at least but as for the quality the color and the look was great I just wish I could have worn more than once and I didn't get a picture I was going to take pictures on the second day but of course I wasn't able to wear them

No complaint

The last lenses that I got in the same brand same color were a lot more gray a lot of people have asked me how come I got them blue? They look really blue nothing like gray but I guess They’ll do 🤓


Fast delivery, and it is comfortable for whole day use.

The design changed

This lenses do not have the same design as two years ago.
The design changed completely, they look fake.
I'm so disappointed

Sweety Spatax Gray
Tahitian Starseed
Love it!

Always will be my favorite contacts, definitely recommend.

EOS Anuna Gray-Green
Jocelyn Morales

So beautiful love them

Excellent and exactly 💯 expected #TeresaGray

100 % #TeresaGray .. totally liking the look

Avenue FX Gray
Best for dark color eyes

I’ve bought so many different brands and colors that look really great in picture but when you put them on it looks fake and doesn’t even blend in like how it would look in the picture but this contact right here is the best hands down!!! If you want a realistic eyes that pop up and draw attention you should buy this! Everybody thinks they’re my real eyes lol 😂 but trust me it will look good on you!!!!

EOS Dunia Violet
Galaxy Eyes

Light blue and light pink coloring look like a delicate nebula dotted with white stars up close, farther away the colors blend into lilac. (I have natural dark eyes so I get a darker shade than I presume lighter color eyes would display.) All-in-all, my expectations were delightfully met!

Dubai 3 Tone Blue
Davinna Martinez

There beautiful just not as eye catching as I thought they would be

Sweety Spatax Gray
deisi perez
Not the contacts I ordered

I had ordered these once before and I absolutely loved them so when it was time to order them again I got two pairs but they weren’t the same color I noticed these weren’t as light and bright as the first ones I had gotten. Though very pretty it still wasn’t what I had gotten the first time. I posted the pictures for comparison.

MICA Sparkle Blue
Patricia Lease
Flash of blue

I really like that this style has the dark ring, it gives a more realistic look (despite being glittery and reflective). 💖
The color reflection still shows up on my almost black eyes. It's a very pretty medium blue. I think it will look more electric on people with blue or green eyes.

Sweety Pitchy Gray
Monica Madrid

Contacts feel great and the color is beautiful . A natural look .

Sweety Spatax Gray
lupe salinas
sweety spatax grey

I get soo many compliments wearing these. Most people think they are my real eyes. This is my 3rd time ordering and I love it.

Perfect Fit

Purchase came in good timing, I love the comfort and look😊
I will definitely purchase more