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Dream Color Maki Blue Prescription Color Contacts For Dark Eyes

Dream Color Maki Blue, these are prescription color contacts for dark eyes (the dominant Asian eye color), with a pattern designed to wholly cover the iris. YouäóÁ—Èll gain an entirely new look and an aura of independence when you wear these grey contacts for brown eyes. TheyäóÁ—Èll give you an effect thatäóÁ—Ès worlds apart from what any other eye makeup can accomplish.

Ever wonder how Japanese celebrities have these glittering, huge eyes? Some may say itäóÁ—Ès makeup, some say itäóÁ—Ès surgery, but in Asia we all know that äóÁí_í?karaconäóÁ—? (or äóÁí_í?color conäóÁ—? - short for äóÁí_í?colored contactsäóÁ—?) play a part!

ItäóÁ—Ès time that we let the Western world into this little (or rather, HUGE) beauty secret. And thatäóÁ—Ès these Dream Color Maki Blue circle lenses.

  • These lenses from the Dream Color Maki series are brown contacts for dark eyes. This means theyäóÁ—Èll look as pictured above when worn on dark eyes
  • Available in both non prescription
  • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
  • How are prescription color contacts for dark eyes different? They contain more pigmentation with a denser pattern to cover the iris. Also, the gradient is smoother towards the centre in order to blend in with the pupil hole.
  • The enlargement effect comes from the 14.5 mm graphic diameter (14.8 mm actual lens diameter). The average iris is around 12.8 mm in diameter, so this means this contact lens will make your eyes look 10% larger than what regular colored contacts do!

Say goodbye to boring with Dream Color Maki blue contacts for brown eyes! TheyäóÁ—Ère not subtle, so only go for these if you want large, dolly peepers. Can you handle the drama?


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) 14,50
Water Content (%) 40
Duration (max.) 6 month
Include Free Lenscase
Size Plano

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