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7 Essential Points if you decide to Wear Contact Lenses - Softlens Queen

7 Essential Points if you decide to Wear Contact Lenses


7 Essential Points Decide Wear Contact Lenses - The functions of colored contact lenses or mostly known as softlens has elevated from assisting eye sights to supporting appearance.  Unfortunately, if one does not wear Contact lenses appropriately, one can get the side effects of Contact lenses that include irritation, infection, even blindness. For those reasons, you need to pay attention to some points whenever you are wearing contact lenses. Let’s read the information below!


7 Essential Points if you decide to Wear Contact Lenses


  1. Check the Eyes’ Condition

check your eyes


Before you decide to wear contact lenses other than glasses, it will be better if you consult it first with your doctor. Not everyone can wear contact lenses because who knows that your eyes were maybe allergic to the materials that contain in it. To minimize the risk of getting allergy, infection, and further eye problems, it will be much better to check the condition of your eyes.


  1. Quality of Contact lenses

Do not be tempted by cheap price contact lenses. Please make sure about the quality of contact lenses and to read the reviews from others who had bought and wore the contact lenses that you want to buy.


  1. Take Care of the Cleanliness

7 Essential Points Decide Wear Contact Lens

Make sure that your hands are clean before you wear or take off your contact lenses. It would be best if you washed your hands with clean water and also antiseptic soap. Additionally, it would be best if you never had long nails since bacteria may live in it, and it can even scratch or tear your soft lens. Remember to clean and to soak the contact lenses using particular water for contact lenses right after you take it off.


  1. Time to Use Contact lenses

It is recommended not to wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours since it may cause inconvenience in your eyes, and bacteria may grow. Remember to pay attention to the expired dates and to change the soft lens if it has passed the dates. Generally, the expired dates are round 6 – 12 months. But, if you are starting to feel uncomfortable with the contact lenses that you use, you better take off the contact lenses right away.


  1. Take off your Contact lenses before Sleeping and Swimming.

Bacteria and viruses can grow or even inhibit the contact lenses that are used all day. The bacteria and infection can also damage your eyeball. For those reasons, remember to take off your soft lens before you go to bed, shower, and swim. The water in the swimming pool contains chemicals and parasites that can cause irritation, infection, and even blindness. You should only wear contact lenses for outdoor activities. When you are at home, it will be so much better if you take off your soft lens and wear your glasses.


  1. Bring the Equipment for Contact lenses whenever you go.

If you like to travel and to have outdoor activities, make sure to always bring your contact lenses equipment like eye drops, contact lenses solutions, and lens case. So, if you are feeling uncomfortable with the contact lenses that you use, you can take it off at any time. Remember to bring your glasses, so if you have to take off your soft lens, you can use your glasses to see.


  1. Avoid Dusty Places

It would be best if you always tried to avoid dusty places since the dust may stick in your contact lenses and eventually will cause irritation in your eyeballs. But if you must stay in dirty areas, cover your eyes by using glasses (not minus/plus/cylinder glasses), or clean your contact lenses after it gets dusty. This is a 7 Essential Points Decide Wear Contact Lenses.


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