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An Easy Way to Recycle Used Contact Lens Case - Softlens Queen

An Easy Way to Recycle Used Contact Lens Case


The contact lens users must have known that contact lens case should be replaced periodically, minimum once in 3 months. Therefore, in the end, there are a lot of used contact lens cases. Some of them may be stored or even just wasted away.


Though you should not use the used contact lens case again, that does not mean you have to throw it away. Because with a little creativity, you can make the case a useful item.



1. Accessories Travel Case

If you have a lot of accessories such as an earring, a ring, or even a fake eyelash, you can use the used contact lens case as a container to store them. The screws on the contact lens case lid will keep your jewelry safe and free of moisture.


2. Pill Container

When you are required to take daily pills or vitamins, the contact lens case will allow you to take it wherever you go. You have to put it in the bag without fear of missing or damaged. However, it should be underlined; this method is not a good method to apply to children who should take drugs or vitamins daily.


3. Condiment Holder

When you want to bring lunch but are confused about bringing sauce or mayonnaise, this used case will surely be the solution. You need to put a little of each in the contact lens, which of course, you have cleaned first.


4. Grooming Product Travel Case

Please do not underestimate the used contact lens case, because you can maximize it as a container of cosmetic equipment when traveling. Because you can put hair gel, face cream, foundation, moisturizer, lipstick in a small amount into it.


5. Mouthwash Holder

Always put your mouthwash into a used contact lens case. Because that way, you no longer have to worry about adding extra onions to the burger you ordered or maybe even for an impromptu date.


6. Earplug Container

Are you confused about storing the earplug in the bag? From now on, use a used contact lens case to make it easy to find and also to keep it clean.


7. Earphone Protector

A messy earphone can easily become entangled in the bag, make it quickly be damaged. Keeping it in the contact lens case not only protects the earbud but also keeps the earphone stay neat.

By following this easy way, you can keep your earphones in good shape:

- Cut a gap on each side of the contact lens case so that the earphone cable can fit when you insert the earbud inside the case.

- Screw and wrap the cable on the center of the case for a set of earphones so it can be packed correctly.



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