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Four Ways you should look before selecting Colored Contact lenses. - Softlens Queen

Four Ways you should look before selecting Colored Contact lenses.


Good colored contact lenses not only make your eyes more beautiful but also comfortable to wear. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following four things before buying colored contact lenses. Let's see what the four elements to note is!

Four Ways you should look before selecting Colored Contact lenses.

1. Choose by color


Softlens of the colors you use should match the character of your face to make it look natural. For ordinary users, using the colored contact lens in gray or brown is strongly recommended because it is not so striking and fits with the facial character of most Southeast Asians. If bored with brown color, you can also try hazel or green color because it still fits with the Asian face.


In addition to face characters, the purpose of using a colored contact lens also needs to be considered. Maybe you can freely experiment with various colored contact lenses if your destination is to a costume party, but if you want to use the colored contact lens at school or work should choose a color that is quiet and not so flashy.


2. Choose by the expiry date


Softlens cannot be used for the long-term, so you need to pay attention to the validity of their use. Usually, the validity period of the colored contact lens is one day, two weeks, one month, even up to 6 months. Softlens that apply for only one day is most recommended because cleanliness colored contact lens can be maintained so that your eyes are still healthy. Softlens Queen only sells lenses with a duration of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.


The period of use of a colored contact lens affects the price. Disposable Softlens are more expensive than softens for up to two weeks or a month. If you consider the economic value, softens with a usage period of up to two weeks or a month is strongly recommended, but you need to pay attention to the hygiene of the colored contact lens to keep it hygienic despite being used many times.


3. Note the color diameter of colored contact lens


On each pack of colored contact lens there is a description of the size of the lens diameter written with the code "DIA." However, this time the diameter we mean is not the lens diameter, but the diameter of the colored lens area. The lens diameter affects comfort in the use of the colored contact lens, while the color diameter needs to be taken into account to determine the impression that will appear on your eyes.


The larger the size of the color diameter, the iris of your eyes will also look more prominent. Wearing a colored contact lens with large diameter colors can make a small eye look more prominent and beautiful. However, the diameter of the color that is too large will give the impression unnatural, so you still need to consider a suitable size to keep it naturally visible in your eyes.


4. Notice the prescription power of your eyes

Although Softlens Queen sells lenses for cosmetic purposes, there are some people who buy lenses when bored with glasses, especially now there is a colored contact lens for the eye minus in various color choices. Currently, Softlens Queen provides lenses for nearsighted sufferers, and we do not have lens prescription for cylindrical eyes/astigmatism or Farsightedness (+) prescription for now.. If you have nearsighted eyes with different levels between left and right, you can also order as your eye needs.


Here are four ways you should look before selecting Colored contact lenses. Still confused about your choice? We have summarized some of our recommended best-colored contact lenses for August 2018, let's look at the following article: Five best-colored contact lens recommendation that would be perfect for you on August 2018



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