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We have selected five best-colored contact lens products that can refer you to buying. Determine the contact lens you will obtain by considering the points on how to choose which we have described in the following article:

Dream Color Maki

Give the impression of beautiful eyes like a doll

Dream Color Maki is highly recommended for those who have narrow eyes because this contact lens gives you an excellent eyes effect like a doll because of the dark circles on the edge of the lens. However, you do not have to worry about the appearance of your eyes that look unnatural because the color of almond chocolate can give natural effects nan beautiful.

Colored contact lenses can be used up to 6 months of course with good care to stay hygienic and durable. However, when compared with other contact lens, the moisture content of the contact lens is only 38%, so you need to apply individual eye drops every few hours to stay comfortable.

Kitty Mini Clean Brown

Influence of plain infant eyes

Any style on the contact lens will have different effects. Kitty Mini Clean brings contact lens with natural hazel eye gloss that gives the effect of round eyes like a baby. Softlens are highly recommended for those of you who want to provide an understandable impression on your eyes.

This soft lens has a lens diameter that fits the standard size of the human eye (14mm), so it looks natural and fits in the eye.


Lumiere Mielo

Comfortable usage up to 12 hours

Discomfort often arises when using contact lens because the contact lens material is thick and stiff. Now the problem is you do not need to meet again because the soft lens of Lumiere are made of very soft and thin. Now, you can feel comfortable using contact lens even up to 12 hours!

Softlens are suitable for you who are busy and need the comfortable contact lens that can be used throughout the day as they are equipped with an ultraviolet light shield. The 12 month usage period also makes you more efficient.

Dreamcon Mini Lapis Brown

Dream Color Mini Lapis is very comfortable to wear, contain Silicon Hydrogels so warm and soft to wear even for sensitive eyes. Dreamcolor Mini Lapis is also equipped with UV Protection, is excellent for you who work in the open or often outdoor activities to protect the eyes from the sun. Colored contact lens from Dreamcolor is very famous for its comfort when worn, and also beautiful & attractive colors make your eyes more beautiful.

Dreamcon brings antibacterial contact lens that prevents itching and irritation. Its antibacterial properties make this softens safe for the outdoor use which is full of dust and pollution. Therefore, this contact lens is highly recommended for those of you who often do outdoor activities throughout the day.

In addition, contact lens are also equipped with UV (UV Protection) : UVA75% &  UVB 99% ensuring contact lens are safe to use in direct sunlight. There are three color choices, namely brown, gray, and blue, but we recommend you use brown colored contact lens when used for everyday activities.

Sweety Spatax Brown

Without motif on the edge of the lens causes a natural effect.

If you are looking for the colored contact lens that gives a very natural result, Sweety Spatax is highly recommended for you. This contact lens does not have a black ring motif on the edge that makes your eyes look very natural. The brown color also looks natural and makes your eyes look fresh and shiny.

This soft lens has a 14.5 mm lens diameter that is very fitting for the eyes of most Indonesians. Softlens are also very convenient to use because it has a moisture content of 40%. You can use this softlens for up to three months, but remember to always keep the softlens clean when used again.

Kitty Mini Boom Brown

This soft lens has a 14.0 mm lens diameter. The color of dark or soft brown can beautify your eyes and your natural impression.

Softlens Also a choice when weary wearing glasses, especially now there is a softlens for the eye minus in various color choices. One of the products we recommend is the colored contact lens of the Kitty Kawaii brand. In addition to making your eyesight normal, natural brown colored contact lens will make your eyes look beautiful.

If you have minus eyes with different levels between left and right, you can also order according to your eye needs.


Colored contact lenses that sold on Softlens Queen mostly have a usage period of more than three to six months. Indeed the soft lens can be used many times, but are vulnerable to bacteria, so you need to ensure the cleanliness of the soft lens you use.

Although there is a lens that can be used up to six months or a year, do not forget always to keep your soft lens clean because dirty contact is vulnerable to bacteria and can make your eyes irritating.

We hope the products we recommend above can help you choose the right five best-colored contact lens to meet your needs. Do not forget to note the purpose of use for your eyes looks more beautiful natural.

Softlens Queen
Softlens Queen

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These are my all-time favorite lenses. This is my third time purchasing, first time from SoftLens Queen. Still just as amazed and in love, and they blend beautifully in my green-brown eyes. The pictures are of it with natural light, and with my ring light, and it's just as flawless either way!