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Contact Lens & Makeup, Which One Comes First? - Softlens Queen

Contact Lens & Makeup, Which One Comes First?


Many women use contact lenses to give the impression of more rounded and larger eyes. Contact lenses are effective to make a sharper and more interesting eye effect so you look more beautiful, especially if you have narrow eyes.


Although the contact lens is an impressive innovation for many women who want to have wider eye look, but it can also be risky if you don’t use it cautiously. Make sure you pay attention to its cleanliness and use it well according the procedures, so your eyes won’t be irritated.


Using contact lenses in air-conditioned rooms, sleeping without removing contact lenses, or using contact lenses with dirty hands are some of the common things you need to avoid. But there are also things that are rarely noticed but have great potential to damage contact lenses and harm the eyes, namely makeup.


Contact lenses are most often used when women also apply makeup on the face. One important rule you need to follow is to use the contact lens first before using any makeup. Never install contact lens after using makeup.


Applying makeup at the time before and after using the soft lens or contact lenses will be different. The eye health should be maintained, do not let your eyes exposed to makeup powder. Do you want to know other things that you should notice? If you want to keep your eyes healthy and your makeup to look perfect when using contact lenses, you should check out some of the following important note.


Wash the Face First

This is an important first step to take. Before you apply makeup and use contact lenses, wash your face thoroughly. Also make sure your hands are clean when putting the soft lens into the eye. If you do not wash your hands, there will be bacteria that can cause infection.


Use Soft Lens Before Make Up

Before applying makeup, you should use soft lens first. If you use soft lens after makeup, then makeup that you apply will be messy because touch of the hands or soft lens liquid.


Start Face Make Up

For the use of foundation, you should rather select a liquid foundation and try to avoid use solid-textured foundation. The solid foundation contains glitter and the powder can get inside your eyes.


Applying Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow can support the beauty of your eyes while using a soft lens. Use an oil-free and fragrance-free eyeshadow product to avoid eye irritation. Apply slowly starting from the eyelid to the eyebrow. Close your eyes when applying eyeshadow, so that the powder does not affect the eye.


Use Eyeliner Pencil

Avoid using liquid eyeliner, especially if you are not a pro. If you are not carefully, the eyeliner can touch the eye and make sore eye. You better use pencil eyeliner because of its dry texture and more easily applied.


Applying Mascara

For mascara, choose the waterproof one. Waterproof mascara prevents messy makeup and faded mascara if you drip the soft lens liquid to the eye.

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