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Be Stylish with Sweety Hidrocor Lens - Softlens Queen

Be Stylish with Sweety Hidrocor Lens


Sweety Hidrocor lens is a perfect contact lens for you who want to look more stylish and fresh. Get to know more about the contact lenses in this article.



Why Choosing the Sweety Hidrocor Lens

Many reasons make the Sweety Hidrocor Gray, and Sweety Hidrocor Brown is the perfect choice for you who want to have sophisticated natural colored eyes. The contact lenses not only make you look so stylish yet natural. Sweety Hidrocor lens has strong pigments that give natural effect on your eyes. The pigments are developed and tested in the state – of – art laboratories to make sure that the contact lenses will not only make comfort but also perfect in aesthetic. The limbal ring used in the contact lenses also enables the color of your eyes to stay natural.


The contact lenses come with an 8.5mm base curve and 14.5mm in diameter. Meanwhile, the 38% of the material used in the contact lenses water. That makes the contact lenses are safe even after 8 hours of usage. There is also a medical certificate to guarantee the safety of the contact lenses. So, there is nothing you should be a worry in using Sweety Hidrocor lens.


Tips to Use Contact Lenses Safely

Anyone knows that eyes are prone to be infected by bacteria and the contact lens is one of the items that can damage the organs if you do not apply it well. There are some things you need to consider well before you start to use Sweety Hidrocor lens.


  1. Always Wash Your Hand. The first thing you should remember well before you use contact lenses is that you still have to clean your hand. Make sure that your hands are hygienic and there will be no dangerous bacteria that can infect the contact lenses. Use soap to wash your hands and don’t forget to dry them with towels before you touch the contact lenses.
  2. The next thing to do is that you have checked the contact lenses whether there are tears, nicks, or any unexpected items that can damage the contact lenses.
  3. Another thing you have to remember well is that only use your fingertips to take the contact lenses. Check your nails and keep in mind that they are should be well – trimmed before you handle the lenses. Fingernails are sources of bacteria. Dirty fingernails can increase risks for your contact lenses to be infected by dangerous bacteria.
  4. Last but not least, you have to check the lens’ shape before you put them on your eyes. Look at the edges of the contact them carefully. If they are flare out, you can assume that they are inside out. So be careful with the contact lenses you are about to use. Unhygienic ways of applications will damage the health of your eyes in the future.


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