EOS Asha Silver Ring - Natural Colored Contact Lens Store
EOS Asha Silver Ring - Natural Colored Contact Lens Store
EOS Asha Silver Ring - Natural Colored Contact Lens Store
EOS Asha Silver Ring - Natural Colored Contact Lens Store

EOS Asha Silver Ring

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For European Union Customer : 

New tax laws due to Brexit and the European Union has announced that, as of July 1, 2021, all international parcels that send from abroad and arrive in European Union must include recipient identities such as (one of): passport number, driving license number , National Insurance Number, (NIN0), Eori Number, Citizen Certificate identity,  Birth certificate or any Government-approved PASS card on their parcels.

Countries that are members of this policy:
1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. Bulgaria
4. Croatia
5. Cyprus
6. Czechia
7. Demark
8. Estonia
9. Finland
10. France
11. Germany
12. Greece
13. Hungary
14. Ireland
15. Italy
16. Latvia
17. Lithuania
18. Luxemberg
19. Malta
20. Netherland
21. Poland
22. Portugal
23. United Kingdom
24. Romania
25. Slovakia
26. Slovenia
27. Spain
28. Sweeden

Parcels that do not attend to this requirement will be returned or destroyed.

The new requirement meets the regulations of the tax authority to process and clear customs from sender and recipient countries.

If you fail to provide your identity, it may result in the prohibition of the entrance of the package, the return of the package to its origin, or destruction of the package in case the return is not possible.

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    Product Description


    The EOS Asha Silver Ring circle lenses are completely charming and it comes with the latest comfort and softness. The Silver Lenses are great for daily wearing expertise. Our Asha Silver Ring Lenses are made from high-quality lens material which makes the gel thinner and increases its hydration level. EOS Silver Ring Lenses offer dependable performance and great importance. The water content of 38 % for strength and reduced protein deposits.


    • 14.2mm colored contacts diameter will tone your natural eye color and make them appear slightly larger
    • 62% polymacon +¬†38% water content for all-day eye hydration
    • Non-prescription and myopia prescription contact lenses available (0.00 to -06.00)


    Base Curve (mm) 8.6
    Made Korea
    Diameter (mm) 14,2
    Water Content (%) 62% polymacon + 38% water (Silicone Hydrogel)
    Duration (max.)

    6-12 months disposable


    Approved Certificated by KFDA, FDA, ISO, CE & KGMP also UVA & UVB protection and antibacterial


    EOS Contact lens Daily, extreme comfort up to 12 hours

    Includes Free Lens case
    Size Plano till -6.00


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