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Bona Lensi Irish Cloud, Natural Contact Lenses

Bona lensi Irish Cloud contact lenses are everything natural circle lens lovers have dreamed about: have a 14.20mm diameter and everyday-wearable colors, fuss-free disposable format, all with the superior comfort and quality from a trusted brand.

Slightly enhance your eye size with these single tone 14.2mm with colored contacts, the natural looking choice for lovers of simplicity while staying on trend. With a 6 monthly wear duration and moisturizing comfort provided by the Silicon Hydrogel material itäóÁ—Ès made out of, youäóÁ—Èll never get tired of wearing these circle lenses!

      • Bona lensi Irish Cloud will giving your eyes a youthful glow that matches with any color of eyeshadow or liner. These colored contact lenses take less than 30s to put on, but provide you with an entire day's worth of charming beauty. Perfect for busy lifestyles, Convenience and beauty have never been so accessible!
      • A contact lens brand trusted for generations, Bona Lensi Colored Contact Lens incorporates only the highest quality, FDA-approved materials in their lenses. Rest assured that you are getting the best of the best for cosmetic contact lenses! Bona Lensi has an USA Material with FDA Standard.
      • Ever wished for deep, intense eyes that you can't look away from? Look no further and make the streets your very own runway as you rock this pair of circle lenses. Perfect for any time, any occasion and any outfit.
      • Sold as a pair of 2 lenses
      • With a 14.2mm diameter and a 62% Water and 38% silicone hydrogelcontent your eyes will be subtly bigger and more hydrated than ever.
      • Manufactured by industry veterans Bona Lensi Colored Contact, each pair of lenses is made with silicon hydrogel material and are usable for up to a year.

    Bona Lensi Irish Cloud

    Base Curve (mm) 8.6
    Made Korea
    Diameter (mm) 14,2mm
    Water Content (%) 62% Water 38% silicone hydrogel
    Duration (max.) 12 Month
    Includes Free Lenscase
    Size Plano till -6.00


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Customer Reviews

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???????????????????????????????? BLUEKITTY APPROVED

My eyes are naturally so dark I didnt except them to cover but they did!

My eyes are naturally so dark I didnt except them to cover but they did! Love these!

Nothing like l was expecting!

Nothing like l was expecting! Very vivid light green color in the center and a medium grey on the edges . Unnatural fake look. Especially from a close distance. Medium comfort , not wearable for more than 4 hours. You can definitely feel them in your eyes. They are very much alike with the batis spartax graphite (nr) which I already own and I have only used three times so far.

Hands down my favorite brand of contact lenses from this site in terms of color, comfort level is...

Hands down my favorite brand of contact lenses from this site in terms of color, comfort level is excellent as these lenses are quite thin, and very realistic/natural looking. The color is like a beautiful grey with subtle hints blend of light greenish-grey around the pupil hole and has a subtle faded grey color on the rim of the lenses. I have dark brown eyes and they completely cover my iris very well and have a nice tight pupil hole (not big) which makes these contacts look realistic and very natural. This color is amazing, very natural looking and subtle at the same time! Comfort level is excellent in my personal opinion as I've worn these for over 8-9 hours with no discomfort. This particular brand has a high water content % which makes them so comfortable to wear and you feel less dryness compared to some other brands as these contacts are well hydrated. But as a precaution tip, always have your eye drops handy with you just in case you experience dryness. These contacts look very natural in photos. I have received so many compliments from my friends and family. These Bona Lensi Irish Cloud contacts could compete with the newly released Monthly Solotica Hidrocor Quartzo in terms of color, quality, length of wear duration, subtlety, comfort level and price affordability! I highly recommend this particular color and this Bona Lensi brand (for people with dark eyes wanting to achieve a good eye color change yet subtle and very natural looking. One of the best colors and brands of contact lenses out there!