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Tips on Maintaining Eye Health - Softlens Queen

Tips on Maintaining Eye Health


Many people say that eyes are window of the heart. The eye is a part of the body that can show our beauty. In addition, the eye is a vital organ of the body, so it is important to concern its health.

Check out some of the following tips to keep your eyes healthy.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

It is true that carrots are good for eye health. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene fibers that are very helpful in maintaining eye health. That’s because beta-carotene itself is an antioxidant that can reduce the risk of macular degeneration.


Avoid contact lens usage more than 19 hours

It does not hurt to use contact lens, but do not use it in for a long time. Because contact lens usage that more than 19 hours can cause permanent eye damage and eye discomfort.


Reduce eye drops usage

Using eye drops to treat irritated or dry eyes is okay, but it is only recommended occasionally because excessive usage will harm the eye.


Avoid being too long in front of the computer

One way to preserve the eye health is not to spend too much time in front of the computer. It will keep us away from dry and tired eyes.


Do not read in low light

For people who like to read, you better to avoid reading when the lighting is dim. Because reading in dim light can cause eyestrain.


Do not directly see the light that is too bright

Being too long in front of the computer is not the only thing that can make the eyes become tired. You also shouldn’t see very bright light directly because it could cause your eyes tired quickly.


Do the eye practice to make it relax

You can try to make your eyes focus on a close object and then with a somewhat distant object. Repeat this process several times.

You also can try to sit down, place your elbows on your hips, and close your eyes with your palms. Keep away your palms for 10 seconds then open your eyes, repeat as necessary.


Wear UV protective sunglasses

Not just a dark lens, choose an UV protective sunglasses to counter exposure from the sun.

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