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Tips on Choosing the Right Softlens Color for Your Character - Softlens Queen

Tips on Choosing the Right Softlens Color for Your Character


Nowadays the use of softlens is more desirable, not only for the people whose problem sight but also for the people whose normal eye in the sense of not minus. For the people whose minus eyes, softlens is glasses alternative, can provide a clearer viewing distance and does not limit the movement of the owner of the minus eye. While people whose normal eyes would want to look different and beautiful by using softlens. Especially at this time there are lots of colorful soflens that is charming and various in motives.


Based on skin tone:

  1. Dark Skin Tone

For you the owner of dark skin tone, choose softlens with brown and gray shade. Because this color gives a charming and more natural impression on your skin. Avoid colors that are too flashy or bright. Do not overdo makeup around the eye area.



  1. Tan and Medium Skin Tone

For the owner of tan and medium skin tone suits softlens with of gray or honey brown and hazel shades. In addition, you can also try softlens with yellowish color. Playing with colors is alright but try to use the dark ones, for example if you want to use blue shades, try navy blue or grayish color.

  1. Light Skin Tone

Next skin tone is a neutral color so you can use any color of softlens. You can dare to play with bright colors like blue, turquoise or gray to look more attractive. Wear bold colors is not a problem, because you’ll certainly look dramatic and beautiful.


That's the tips to choose the softlens color according to your skin tone. You should find out first what your skin tone is so that softlens that you use will not look tacky and will suit your appearance.



Based on eye shape

  1. Large Eyes

If you have a large eyeball, choose a softlens with a large diameter to give a natural impression. Choose softlens with black outer lines to reinforce the eye circle so your eyes will look smaller.


  1. Small Eyes

If you have small eyes, you can choose large diameter softlens with dark colors like black or dark brown to make your eyes look bigger. Choose a dark color so it will look like a real eye (natural look).


In addition, you should not forget to always take care and maintain the cleanliness of the softlens itself.


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