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The Reasons Why Contact Lens is Uncomfortable When Used - Softlens Queen

The Reasons Why Contact Lens is Uncomfortable When Used


Although it is a strange object that used in the eye, but generally, contact lens is usually comfortable when it’s first used.

A discomfort when using contact lenses can indeed happen, but it is generally easy to solve.

Then, what causes the uncomfortable when contact lens is used?

There are some things that make contact lens is uncomfortable when used. Therefore, in order to function properly, the contact lens should be treated well and replaced frequently.

In addition, do not forget to follow the right procedures to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable when using contact lens. Because if you ignore them, there may be some issues related to security and comfort.


Problems could happen in some symptoms, they are:

  • Eye sore, burns, itchy (irritated) or pain
  • Contact lens is not as comfortable as its first used
  • Sense something strange in the eye (such as a strange object or lens scratched)
  • Watery eyes
  • Unusual dirt out from the eyes
  • Reddish eyes
  • Blurred eyesight
  • Seeing any halo or rainbow around the object seen
  • Sensitive to light (photophobia)
  • Dry eyes

If you sense any of the above symptoms, you can do this following steps: First, immediately remove the lens. If you feel comfort by removing the lens, then you should watch it carefully. If you find the lens is damaged, don’t use it again. Place the lens in the case and contact an optician. If you find the lens is dirty because of dust, eyelash, or other objects, then clean the lens carefully with sterile solution. After that plug the lens back, if the problem persists, immediately remove the lens and contact an eye specialist.


If that symptoms are exist, there may be severe interference with the eye, such as infection, corneal ulcer, neovascularization or iritis. Do not use the lens again and immediately ask for help from experts to find out what the problem is, and as soon as possible do a treatment to prevent severe damage to the eyes.


Always follow the contact lens usage suggestion, clean the lens after every use, and replace the lens according to the recommended schedule of the eye specialist. By following the instructions above, the lens will remain comfortable to use and your eyes will stay healthy.


Unsuitable Lens

The size and shape of our eyes are not the same, and so the contact lenses. In order to obtain the right contact lens, the ophthalmologist performs a variety of measurements, but sometimes the prescribed lenses may less fit.

Symptoms: Sensing something uncomfortable in the eye, slightly sore or irritated eyes, reddish eyes, fickle eyesight.

How to Overcome: Consult an ophthalmologist about this problem – he/she will examine our eyes and look for more suitable lenses. Replacement of the lens is necessary because the lens that is not fit can cause the surface of the cornea scratched.


Dry Eyes due to Contact Lenses Use

It is possible that people with dry eye disorders do not produce enough tears to keep the eyes wet and lubricated. This condition makes the use of contact lenses is uncomfortable. Dry eyes can be congenital (associated with some medical conditions) or not (related to risk factors such as smoking, computer use, caffeine, certain drugs, etc.).

Symptoms: tired, dry, and uncomfortable eyes

How to Overcome: Optometrist will recommend applying lubricant/wetting solution. You should wet contact lenses with lubricant solutions to relieve eye pain and minimize the dryness and the discomfort. Then you also need to find the appropriate drop solution to moisturize the contact lens while using it.


Allergens from the Environment

Eyes can be irritated when there are many allergens such as dust or epidermis around us. Allergens can stick to the surface of the lens and cause irritation to people who use the lens.

Symptoms: Reddish eyes, irritated eyes, dry eyes

How to Overcome: The lens should be cleaned frequently to remove any precipitate that might be on the lens. If the problem remains, we should use a daily disposable lens so that the lens is always new every day. If the allergies appear seasonal and irritate the eye, do not forget to remove contact lenses before applying special eye drops that can be used with contact lenses and wait about 15-20 minutes before the lens is used again.


Another Cause

Eye irritation may not just because of contact lenses. If the eyes are reddish and swollen, expel unusual eye droppings, immediately contact an ophthalmologist. Symptoms that appear can be caused by infection or disease. It should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. It is not allowed to use contact lenses if the eye is still infected or if the eye medication is still used.


(Source: adapted from several sources)

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