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Safe Tips on Using Softlens During Wedding Party - Softlens Queen

Safe Tips on Using Softlens During Wedding Party


Weddings are a sacred celebration that only once in a lifetime. Therefore, many people make the maximum preparation for the wedding day to run well and memorable. One of the focus for the preparation is the bride and groom's appearance.


Some people who use glasses as vision aid usually tend to use contact lenses to improve the look on their special day. There are some tips for you who intend to use contact lens at the wedding:


Choose Products with Sufficient Water Content

Water content on softlens is very influential with the amount of oxygen intake into the cornea of ​​the eye. Therefore, in addition to choosing color, diameter, and usage time, knowing the water content on the softlense is a must. Do not let your eyes feel dry and become red because it can make you feel uncomfortable and not confident. The worse probability is that your eyes can get irritated.


What to Do If Your Eyes Are Sore

Release and check the condition of softlens if your eyes feel sore and uncomfortable. See whether there are any softlens parts that are torn or scratched. Make sure that you already set it right. You also need to find out the expiration date and convenience of the softlens. Anyway if you feel there's something wrong, it's better to buy a new softlens instead of taking on a more dangerous risk later on.


Tips on Applying Eye Makeup When Using Softlens

It's good to do the makeup first before using the softlens. Make sure the makeup is waterproof or long lasting so when you’re sweating it won’t fade away and irritate the eyes. You can also use a good primer for makeup to last longer. Oh yes, do not forget to clean your hands before using the softlens to avoid any residual makeup that might stick in your hands.


Use Eye Drops

Overuse of softlens can make your eyes dry and sore, especially with the lights and camera flash that shine so bright throughout the party. Do not forget to bring special eye drops to keep your eyes well hydrated.



(source: adapted from various sources)

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