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How to Apply Softlens for Slanted Eyes - Softlens Queen

How to Apply Softlens for Slanted Eyes

Softlens for slanted eyes, if you have slanted eyes surely you must think a hundred times before you decide to wear it. Your small eyes make you afraid to wear Softlens. It happens due to a question like: “can I apply this Softlens into my slanted eyes?” This question comes out especially when you are about to wear it for the first time; moreover, it may also difficult for you to put it into your small eyes.   However, Softlens Queen offers those who have slanted eyes some eye makeup tips in order to look more beautiful.


How to Apply Softlens for Slanted Eyes

  1. Usually, the main issue of slanted eyes is not having crease in the eyelid. In this case, you can put on scotch tape. Cut the tape in crescent shape between 2 to 3mm. Then, you can place the tape on the faint lines in your eyelid. This way, your eyes will appear to have crease.
  2. You must consider not applying eyeliner pass the corner of your eyes. You must try to keep the eyeliner on the track. This way, you will be able to avoid your eyes from looking more slanted than usual.
  3. Put on the mascara for 2 to 3 times to make your eyes look thicker and bigger, droopy eyelashes will make you look tired.
  4. If you choose to wear fake eyelashes, then you must choose eyelashes that are not thick in order to prevent your eyes from getting the sense of heaviness and it keeps you away from weird looking eyes.
  5. People who have slanted eyes usually do not shave their eyebrows. If they do this, their eyes will look more slanted. You can thicken your eyebrows by using grey or brown pencil eyebrows to make it look bigger.
  6. Softlens will make your slanted eyes look more round and dramatic. Moreover, you can wear black color to keep it neutral.
Softlens Queen’s product which is perfect for slanted eyes is the pitch black GEO Magic Black XCK105 or The Dolly Eye Black.
The pitch black color from these two Softlenses will make small eyes look more round. Not to mention the diameter of these Softlenses offer a magnifying effect to the eyes like Dolly Eye.
Your round slanted eyes will make you look cuter. The use of softlens for slanted eyes is similar to the use of ordinary softlens. The most important thing is you must not afraid to put the Softlens to the corneas of your eyes, but first sterilize your hands. The trick so you do not have to be afraid and to keep your eyeballs in line with the hands that hold the Softlens is by looking straight and avoid looking at the Softlens. To put your Softlens, you must place the Softlens under your eyes and blink. Voila! With the right make up and Softlens, your slanted eyes will be prettier and beautiful!
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