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Dream Color No Bluk Gray Review - Softlens Queen

Dream Color No Bluk Gray Review


Confused to find a gray contact lens that is suitable for you? It seems like you have to try this No Bluk Gray contact lens.


No Bluk Gray is one of gray contact lens manufactured by Dream Color. Contact lens has 14.5 mm diameter, 40% water content with 8.6 mm size. No Bluk Gray is also available for you whose minus eye. This contact lens can also be used (maximum) within 3 months. However, it helps a lot if you consult with ophthalmologist first.


For you who love the bright color of contact lens, No Bluk Gray contact lens is certainly must be on your list. Because the gray color of this contact lens is very interesting and looks beautiful in the eyes.


When you use this contact lens, you do not need to bother to find out which part is the inside or outside of the contact lens. Because the inside color of Dream Color No Bluk Gray is more faded than the outside. Therefore, you can easily identify where the outside part of the contact lens just by looking at the brighter color.


For you who prefer to use contact lens with a smaller size, do not worry, contact lens also has two types, namely, Basic No Bluk and Mini No Bluk. The difference between these two No Bluks is the diameter. The diameter of Basic No Bluk is 14.5 mm (1.45 cm) while the Mini Nobluk is 14 mm (1.4 cm). So, the different of these types of contact lens is only 0.5 mm.



Not only that, if you love other contact lenses color, Dream Color No Bluk Gray contact lens also offers a variety of colors that you can choose. With a variate selection of colors like Blue, Green, Brown and Purple, you’ll look fashionable with beautiful eyes by using this No Bluk contact lens.


Then, what about its texture and motive? The texture and motive of Dream Color No Bluk Gray Contact Lens is not too visible. However, when used in the eyes, it will look so beautiful. Although the gray color looks so bright, but it still looks natural. So it won’t be too much for you to use.


Well, for you who want to use color contact lens that still looks natural, it would not hurt if you try this Dream Color No Bluk Gray contact lens. In addition to looking natural, this contact lens is also very comfortable when used, even for beginner user. Because Dream Color No Bluk Gray contact lens has a texture that is softer and less irritable in the eyes. So the eyes do not dry quickly and irritated.


Well, you better figure out the Dream Color No Bluk Gray by yourself by ordering here and write your review in using this contact lens.



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