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Have you ever imagined there is glitter in your eyes? - Softlens Queen

Have you ever imagined there is glitter in your eyes?

The trend of wearing contact lenses or soft lenses is getting huge for the past few years. This makes the appearance of a lot of softlens manufacturers.
A bunch of brands of contact lenses or soflensare available today. Each of the brands has its own characteristics and speciality.
If you are looking for the best and high-quality color contact lenses, you should try looking for and purchasing them from Softlens Queen.
This online softlens store offers many various brands of soflens, one of them is 3C Noble.
3C Noble now available in 2 series; Mica Sparkle and Mica Shimmer.

Mica Sparkle Series

The Mica Sparkle series of 3C Noble has quite many variations. The variations are Mica Sparkle Oasis, Mica Sparkle Bronze, Mica Sparkle Champagne, Mica Sparkle Gold, Mica Sparkle Grey, and Mica Sparkle Brown. Mica Sparkle Oasis has the color combination of brown and blue. The blue color is quite dominating, but it still looks natural. The base curve of this colored lense is 8.6 mm while the diameter is 14.0 mm. The water content is 38%. Mica Sparkle Oasis costs $29.80 from $59.00 in Softlens Queen.


The next is Mica Sparkle Bronze. Just like you can guess from the name, Mica Sparkle Bronze has a bronze color. Similar to Mica Sparkle Oasis, this softlens also has 8.6 mm base curve and 14.0 diameter. The bronze color looks so natural. The water content is also 38%. On the website of Softlens Queen, Mica Sparkle Broze costs $29.80 from $59.00. You will be able to get 298 pink coins if you purchase this item.


Mica Sparkle Champagne has a grey color. The base curve, diameter, and water content are all similar to other Mica Sparkle series. Just like most colored lenses, you have to replace this softlens and other 3C Noble Mica Sparkle series after 6 months.

3C Noble Mica Shimmer Series

The MICA color lens would more shiny on eyes.
If you want a more strong appeal, meet the second lineup Mica Sparkle.


- 3C Noble Story -

Unlike the Mica Sparkle series, the 3C Noble Mica Shimmer series only have 2 types. They are Mica Shimmer Grey and Mica Shimmer Green. What makes the Mica Shimmer series different from Mica Sparkle series is the pattern. But the look of both series is natural. The base curve, diameter, and water content of Mica Shimmer Grey and Mica Shimmer Green are all the same. The base curve is 8.6 mm, the diameter is 14.0 mm, and the water content is 38%. Both of Mica Shimmer Grey and Mica Shimmer Green cost $29.80 on the Softlens Queen Website.


3C Noble is made in South Korea. This brand is suitable for you who want to use colored lenses with a natural look. This softlens brand offers various colors that you are able to choose. For more details, you are able to go to the official website of Softlens Queen. By purchasing the colored lense product through Softlense Queen, you will be able to earn pink coins and redeem them to get some beneficial rewards through the loyalty program. So, which series of 3C Noble is your favorite?

Customer Experience

Beautiful color, absolutely comfortable....I’ m giunge to buy another pair of lenses ... sgimmer or sparkle... love them

- Jenny M -

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