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Geo Angel Blue Circle Contact Lenses - Softlens Queen

Geo Angel Blue Circle Contact Lenses


Beautiful eyes like a doll is a dream for every woman. In order to look beautiful like a doll, there are women who do plastic surgery to get and have a doll face. However, instead of making a decision for plastic surgery, it is easier for women to use contact lenses to make eye rays and eye colors like dolls. There are many contact lenses resemble a Geo Contact Lens made in some contact lens production companies to fulfill people's wishes. So, it's not so hard anymore to get contact lenses with the shape of a Geo Softlens, such as Geo Angel Blue.



The feature of a Geo Angel Blue eye is with a dark-colored border circle that frames the color of the eye. The color of the Geo’s eyes is more likely toward the blue color with a black circle that frames the blue color. The blue color chosen for Geo eye is a deep cobalt blue color. The selected cobalt blue color can help change the iris color naturally. So that contact lenses can blend naturally perfectly with the color of our eyes. High quality contact lenses are highly pigmented contact lenses that can change eye color naturally.

Geo Angel Blue  


Geo Angel Blue has a pattern detail like a circle flower motif surrounded by a ring on the outside. The flower motif is blue and the ring that surrounds it is blue. So that the solid black and solid rings on the outside of the flower can form an eye-level illusion in the eye. The black ring gives a bigger impression on the eyes, the iris looks bigger than usual. This type of contact lens makes a very sharp color transition, when viewed from the side of the selected color is blue and black contrasts very differently. However, this color forms a stronger eye character. This contact lens is a design that is quite difficult to be made using different color levels to differentiate the effect of a Geo Contact Lens's eye.


The color used for this type of contact lens is very different from the type of contact lens Sweety Hydrocor Grey, which is the use of color contact lenses this doll uses more dark colors than the bright color. It is intended to make the eyes look like a crystal. Bright colors are inserted in the middle of the black color serves to reflect light for the eyes look like crystals and glamorous impressed.



Geo Angel Blue contact lens manufactured Geo Medical Korea , it has 14.5 mm in diameter, with a water content of 38%. The base curve of this contact lens is 8.6 mm in size. This type of contact lens can be changed after 12 months of use. Thus, when within 12 months of use is not replaced, will cause side effects on the eyes. Like glasses, glasses should be replaced immediately if the time has come, because the condition of the eye after using the glasses will change and new glasses must adjust to the current condition of the eye.


The favorite contact lenses consumers today are disposable contact lenses. Because, more secure use because consumers do not need to save back contact lenses that have been used.


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