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Eye Drops Myths that You Must Know - Softlens Queen

Eye Drops Myths that You Must Know


Wearing contact lenses will help you to deal with many vision problems. Some of the lenses are also designed for fashion purposes. However, there are many cases where the users got dry eyes problem. When you experience the same problem, what would you do? The answer is actually simple. You just need to use the eye drops.

Eye drops are one of the best solutions to solve dry eye and similar eye problems. However, there are still many people believe that using eye drops while you’re wearing contact lenses, could be dangerous. You don’t need to worry about that matter. For more reference and information about the relation between eye drops and contact lenses, here are 5 myths that you need to know. Because they are myths, that means they don’t prove to be true.

Don’t Use Eye Drops with Contact Lenses

It depends on the eye drops type, actually. Using eye drops can even bring back the moisture on the contact lenses. Maybe, you are more familiar with the rewetting term for this matter. So, with eye drops, you can keep your contact lenses wet, which make it comfortable to wear. Moreover, you also can solve your dry eye or tired eye problem with this method.

Eye Drop Doesn’t Have Expiration Date

This is wrong. Eye drops are made of natural ingredient. Therefore, it can’t last forever and has an expiration date. It’s important for you to notice the expiration date, so you don’t use the bad product. If you use the expired eye drops, it can only give you more problem. The worst of all is infection problem, which is not good for your eyes.

Sinus Problem

There are some people afraid of using eye drops because they think it will cause sinus problem. This is also only a myth. However, there is still a chance where you can get sinus problem. Therefore, you must use the right dosage, when you try to solve dry eyes with eye drops. That way, you won’t have any problem later.

Eye Drops for Relieving Hay Fever Symptoms

There is a specific eye drops product that can be used to treat people with hay fever. So, you can’t just use any eye drops that you can find. Use the right one, and you can even feel comfortable wearing contact lenses during hay fever season.

Reduce Floaters

The eye drops don’t reduce floaters. If you use eye drops to remove the specks that you find on your vision, you won’t get any good effect.

Best Eye Drops

All information about will help you to understand the myths regarding the eye drops that can give many people a problem when they use the eye drops. Now, you are ready to buy the eye drops. And, if you are looking for the best one, you can try to use Rohto Lycee Eye Drops.

Rohto Lycee Eye Drops is eye drops product from Japan. It has the unique cornea-nourishing ingredient inside, such as Chondroitin Sulfate Natrium and HEC for moisturizing your eyes. So, you can use this eye drops safely with your contact lenses.

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