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“Duo” Function of Contact Lenses - Softlens Queen

“Duo” Function of Contact Lenses


Contact lens, a small object that has function as a vision aid, is now increasingly being interested by a lot of people. Along with the era development, contact lens is used not only as a substitute for glasses, but also as fashion item. That's because people could have diverse eye colors. You might have your own reason to use contact lens. But you should find out first about the dual function of contact lens as follows:


1. Corrective contact lens

Just like eyeglasses, contact lens also has the main function to solve various vision problems such as myopia and hipermetropy. Not only to support the vision, contact lens can also reinforce your impression. However, not every eye problem can be overcome by contact lenses because people with nearsightedness or farsightedness that is too severe still have to wear glasses.


Contact lenses can indeed help your eyesight, but for maximum results, you should consult your ophthalmologists. It is intended that you know your eyesight problem, so that you can choose the best contact lens. It should be underlined, if this is your first time using contact lens, then be sure to know how to use it properly so it won't cause any irritation.


After that, contact lens users need to do periodic checks to see if the problem of vision has been resolved or not. Later, the doctor will replace contact lenses according to your current eye need.


2. Fashion contact lens'

In addition to functioning as vision aid, contact lenses are functioning as accessories to beautify the look. These contact lenses usually have a variety of colors and can be selected according to the users’ preference.


Although it only aims for style, you should still consult a doctor before using this contact lens. You also need to pay attention to the quality of contact lenses purchased. Do not just consider the fashion and the affordable price but forget the safety for the eyes.


It is no less important to adjust the color of contact lenses with your skin and hair tone. Blue lens is beautiful, but customize it with the skin tone. It is certainly necessary to note so that your appearance using contact lenses can be more stunning.


Well, after discovering duo function of contact lenses and deciding the contact lenses you need, taking a good care of them is something you should do too. Contact lenses should be removed every night and cleaned with a special liquid. After that, insert contact lenses into a case to keep their optimal condition.

(source: adapted from various sources)



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