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Can Kids Use a Contact Lens? - Softlens Queen

Can Kids Use a Contact Lens?


In order to move freely, many people prefer contact lens than glasses. However, a question arises, do minus-eyed children may use contact lens?

Check out the following article for you to find the right answer.


Can Kids Use a Contact Lens?


Easy to move

One of the reason why people choose contact lens is because it makes people easy to move, as well as children. By wearing a contact lens, the child's movement will become more free.

Therefore, if your child uses a contact lens, you should stay careful and full of supervision.


Recognize your purpose in allowing kids to use contact lenses

There are several types of congenital eye disorders in children, some disorder can be coped by contact lenses. Children can inherit abnormalities since born such as different vision on both eyes (unequal refraction error) which is the left eye is not the same level of vision sharpness with the right eye. As long as the contact lens can optimize the visual acuity of the kids, it’s okay for them to use contact lens, but it has to be in parental control.

However, the use of softlens is not suggested for children under 10 years old if it’s for apperance purposes. Children younger than 10 years may use softlens but just for optimizing the visual acuity.


Your attention and help as a parent are very necessary

As mentioned above, the use of contact lens entirely requires the attention and assistance of parents. The use of children’s contact lens is dubbed as a dual patient. The child's parents are responsible for the use, maintenance, and knowledge about the time for softlens should be cleaned or replaced.

Unlike for adults, the type of contact lens selected for kids is only soft lenses. We need to beware of the type of contact lens that is used continuously without being released (extended wear lenses) for the young age because that lens has the potential complications of eye infections.


Note the type of contact lens that kids use

In addition, children should use contact lens that can be released at night, not the the rigid type one, which is the soft lenses. Therefore, choosing contact lens should be with an ophthalmologist's prescription. We can’t choose contact lens depend on our own determining or our fondness.

Contact lens size is not identical with the size of glasses. So do not directly buy contact lens at the optical store. Check to the ophthalmologist first for the child indicated wearing glasses or contact lens.

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