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Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution 60ml

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RENU Renu Fresh Multipurpose Solution 60ml

BAUSCH + LOMB RENU FRESH MULTI-PURPOSE SOLUTION is a contact lens cleaning fluid that effectively kills bacteria and fungi, while providing a balanced humidity, so you will feel the sensation of contact lenses that are fresh and new every day. This liquid serves to rejuvenate your contact lenses so that you feel like you are wearing new contact lenses every day. For daily use, Renu Fresh is proven to be effective in killing germs, cleaning, and removing protein deposits on the lens that can make the eyes feel sore. With Renu Fresh all-purpose solution, contact lens wearers no longer need to use separate enzyme cleaning products.

Please note that wash by contact lenses solutions only, you can not use detergent, soap and other washing


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Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution 60ml

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Renu Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution 60ml - Best Seller Circle Lenses from Softlens Queen