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MICA Sparkle Indigo

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The most natural colored contacts with unique patterns and soft glitter effects.

The 3C NOBLE's Mica Sparkle & Shimmer collection presents you :

✅ Reversal effect that transforms from a transparent lens to shining and intense color.
✅ Attractive contact lens with glamorous natural color.
✅ Perfect for anyone who wishes to have a Natural pop of color for their makeup looks!
✅ Amazing combination of beauty and coziness, defining and enhancing the color of your eyes, and providing long-lasting comfort


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm)

14.0 mm (Graphic Diameter : 13.5mm)

Water Content (%) 38%
Duration (max.) 3-6 Month
Manufacture 3C Noble Korea (
Size Plano till -8,00


Note : One box contains 2 pcs of lenses with same prescription. If you have different prescription on both eyes you must order 2 box.

3months I Unit of Package : 2 pcs of Vial I DIA 14.0mm I Graphic DIA 13.5mm


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MICA Sparkle Indigo

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