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Eyekan Luxury Contact Lens Case

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Regular price $24.78 USD

Contact lenses should not be stored anywhere. In addition to preventing missing, even in a state of hiegenis. Therefore, you must provide a special place to store contact lens sets. Especially if you like to travel long distances, of course this tool is very helpful.

Complete Set
In purchasing this product, you not only get contact lens storage, but also some other supporting accessories, such as bottles, tweezers, sticks, lens holders, and glass.

Suitable for Travel
This contact lens storage area is so suitable for use when traveling or outdoor activities. Safe and clean is the top priority of this contact lens carrying case.

The storage box itself is very small, so you put it in your pants pocket and small pocket in your bag.

The items you can in the product box:

1 x Case
1 x Lens Holder
1 x Bottle
1 x Tweezer
1 x Stick Connection

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Eyekan Luxury Contact Lens Case

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