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Beginner Kit | Renu 60ml + Tweezers + Renu Eye drop

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Product Description

Special Value Set for those of you who want to try using contact lenses.

What's in this value set package:
1 Renu Multi-Purpose Solution (60ml - travel size)
1 Renu Drops 8mL (eyedrops to drop when wearing contact lenses)
1 Set of Contact Lenses Tweezers


Renu Multi-Purpose Solution (60ml - travel size) - $
Contact lens solutions effectively kill bacteria and fungi, while providing balanced moisture, so you will feel the sensation of contact lenses that are fresh and new every day.
This liquid serves to rejuvenate your contact lenses so that you feel like you are wearing new contact lenses daily. For daily use, Renu Fresh is proven to be effective in killing germs, cleaning, and removing protein deposits on the lens that can make the eyes feel sore. With Renu Multi-Purpose Solution (60ml - travel size), contact lens wearers no longer need to use separate enzyme cleaning products.

Renu Lubricating & Rewetting Drops 8 Ml
BAUSCH+LOMB RENU MULTI PLUS LUBRICATING & REWETTING DROPS is an eye drop product used as an eye lubricant used when wearing contact lenses. Functions to keep the eyes moist and comfortable when wearing contact lenses and to wet contact lenses while preventing the formation of a protein/fat layer. This product can be used to wet lenses, whether lenses that are used multiple times, disposable lenses, or lenses that are worn long-term, especially after waking up.

FDA & CE Licensed

Softlens Queen contacts receive important regulatory approvals. Your safety always matters the most.


Advanced cast molding enables extraordinary thinness, and disables foreign body sensation.


Approved by FDA & CE, and regulated by strict QA protocols, all twinklens contacts are safe to wear.


High-end water-locking design maintains sufficient water content, ensuring prolonged moisture.


Composed of premium constituents, Softlens Queen's contacts sustain breathability, and thus comfort.


Each hue is delicately applied with discreet spokes to emphasize the beauty of the iris in a natural way.


Blocking most UVB & UVA-1 rays, twinklens contacts offer high-level protection for outdoor scenarios.

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