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Avenue Highlight Green

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Who knew natural green-colored contact lenses could become so in demand? Well, these ones do. There's brand new colored contacts to brighten up your eyes and make you stand out!


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) Real :16mm (big eyes enlargement effect : 22,8mm)
Water Content (%) 60% Water 60% Polyhema
Duration (max.) 6 Month
Include Free Lens Case
Size Plano till -8,00

The 16mm diameter makes it perfect for most eyes, while the 60% water content will keep them moist all day long. When you want to cover your eyes with green-toned eyes, that's when our Avenue Highlight Green Korean Contact lens comes into the picture.

This subtle, natural-looking contact lens will give you a lovely gaze and just enough of a sparkle in your eye to amp up any outfit and blends well with most people's eyes.

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Avenue Highlight Green

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Avenue Highlight Green - Best Seller Circle Lenses from Softlens Queen