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Voxie Miranda Gray

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Voxie Miranda Gray is a Korean Colored Contact Lens. Voxie Miranda Gray lens are designed for people with natural dark eyes. The gray color of the lens will make the eyes look more vibrant.


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) 14.00 mm
Graphic Diameter (mm) 13.8 mm
Pupil Diameter (mm) 4.6 mm
Water Content (%) 38
Duration (max.) 6 Months
Include Free Lenscase
Size Plano till -8.00

Get ready to turn heads with these Voxie Miranda Gray lenses. With a natural looking, these lenses will provide you with the clear vision you need while also looking great. They are perfect for those with a prescription up to -8.00. Voxie Lens is Indonesian Brands are made in Korea. With a diameter of 14.00 mm, The graphic diameter of the lens is 13.8mm which makes the lens look big and unique. 



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Voxie Miranda Gray

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