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Avenue Quartzo

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Solotica Avenue Quartzo Korean Contact lens  is a natural gray-colored contact lens with 16mm diameter and 60% water content. It enhances the color of your iris, providing shiny eyes and an agreeable expression.


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) Real :15mm (enlargement effect : 22,8mm)
Water Content (%) 60% Water 60% Polyhema
Duration (max.) 6 Month
Include Free Lens Case
Size Plano till -8,00

It features a unique density of 60% water content - keeping your eyes moist and comfortable, just like they're used to. It also offers 16mm diameter with an innovative design that blends softness while maintaining durability.

Avenue Quartzo takes eye health seriously by offering you 100% UVA/UVB protection as well as never wearing away over time!

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Avenue Quartzo

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