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Avenue Honey Gray

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The Avenue Honey Gray contact lenses are designed with a hydrocharme design that keeps your eyes looking hydrated all day long!  The Avenue Honey Gray contact lenses are perfect for people who are looking for a prescription lens that goes up to -8.00 and has a dolly design! Their 16mm diameter is slightly larger than the more common 14mm size, so they look less like big, round orbs in your eyes. The 60% water content means that these lenses will not dry out and become brittle as fast as some contacts can in certain environments. 


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) Real :16mm (big eyes enlargement effect : 22,8mm)
Water Content (%) 60% Water 60% Polyhema
Duration (max.) 6 Month
Include Free Lens Case
Size Plano till -8,00
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Avenue Honey Gray

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