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Sweety Spatax Blue

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The Sweety Spatax Blue-colored contacts offer an amazing combination of beauty and coziness, defining and enhancing the color of your eyes, and providing long-lasting comfort. These stunning blue contact lenses offer a fantastic way to spice up your look, and they can be worn for medical purposes or as your new fashion accessory.


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) 14,50
Water Content (%) 40
Duration (max.) 3 month
Include Free Lenscase
Size Plano till -6,00


  • 14.5 colored contacts diameter will tone your natural eye color and make them appear slightly larger
  • 40% water content for all-day eye hydration
  • Non-prescription and myopia prescription contact lenses available (0.00 to -6.00)

Sweety Spatax Blue contact lenses are ideal for those looking to add vibrancy and depth to their styling.


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Sweety Spatax Blue

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