MICA Shimmer Brown - Natural Contact Lens
MICA Shimmer Brown - Natural Contact Lens
MICA Shimmer Brown
MICA Shimmer Brown - Natural Contact Lens
MICA Shimmer Brown - Natural Contact Lens

MICA Shimmer Brown

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Product Description

The most natural colored contacts with unique patterns and soft glitter effects.

The 3C NOBLE's Mica Sparkle & Shimmer collection presents you :

✅ Reversal effect that transforms from a transparent lens to shining and intense color.
✅ Attractive contact lens with glamorous natural color.
✅ Perfect for anyone who wishes to have a Natural pop of color for their makeup looks!
✅ Amazing combination of beauty and coziness, defining and enhancing the color of your eyes, and providing long-lasting comfort


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm)

14.0 mm (Graphic Diameter : 13.5mm)

Water Content (%) 38%
Duration (max.) 3-6 Month
Manufacture 3C Noble Korea (www.3cnoble.kr)
Size Plano till -8,00


Note : One box contains 2 pcs of lenses with same prescription. If you have different prescription on both eyes you must order 2 box.

3months I Unit of Package : 2 pcs of Vial I DIA 14.0mm I Graphic DIA 13.5mm


FDA & CE Licensed

Softlens Queen contacts receive important regulatory approvals. Your safety always matters the most.


Advanced cast molding enables extraordinary thinness, and disables foreign body sensation.


Approved by FDA & CE, and regulated by strict QA protocols, all twinklens contacts are safe to wear.


High-end water-locking design maintains sufficient water content, ensuring prolonged moisture.


Composed of premium constituents, Softlens Queen's contacts sustain breathability, and thus comfort.


Each hue is delicately applied with discreet spokes to emphasize the beauty of the iris in a natural way.


Blocking most UVB & UVA-1 rays, twinklens contacts offer high-level protection for outdoor scenarios.

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