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The Incredible Contact Lenses Series with Special Effects - Softlens Queen

The Incredible Contact Lenses Series with Special Effects


Have you ever thought of having a pair of unique eyes like the anime characters’? Maybe, it is something you have never imagined before. But if you are interested in it, here is a good way to grant your wish. It is by applying the Geo Animation Soft Lenses.

Geo Animation is a category for special effects contact lenses available in Softlens Queen, a trusted store for soft lenses and all the accessories. Of course, you may not apply them in your daily life except you want to. The collections are basically provided for arts and stages. How is the description of each series? Here they are :


In general, the design of this series is quite simple and not too special. What makes the soft lenses unique is due to the application of light orange color around the black pupil. That’s why; it is actually not bad to apply them in your daily life mainly if you want to look more unique and different. Meanwhile, for certain arts and shows, it is also good.

The SF-02 series is almost similar to the SF-01 one. Both have orange main color anyway. The difference is placed on the fiber pattern in which it is owned by the SF-02 series but not by the SF-01.

The base curve for both series is 8.6 mm and the diameter is 14 mm. It has a piano as well as the water content is around 35%. You should not wear them more than 1 year to avoid any health problems.

Still in the same idea but it is focused on the crystal blue color. Different from natural blue eyes that tend to look quite dimly, this one is much brighter. When you wear it, your eyes will be really similar to the cats’.

For the specifications, Geo Animation SF-03 is the same as the previous series mentioned before. They are the base curve of 8.6 mm, the diameter of 14 mm, and water content of 30%.

If you are bored of too common ideas of contact lenses, this one probably suits you better. Geo Animation SF-17 is focused on the application of green color but it has a very unique pattern. The appearance of black and light green,, in turn, will make your appearance is really stunning. Besides, although the lenses are indeed purposed for the show, it still looks “normal” to be applied in your daily activities.

There are still many unique ideas from Softlense Queen but this one is incredible. The application of red and white in spiral simply makes you the center of attention. The black pupil in the middle also beautifies your appearance more.


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