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Princess Idol Roze - The best Natural Softlens in Asia - Softlens Queen

Princess Idol Roze - The best Natural Softlens in Asia

Princess Idol Roze is a softlens brand that has been the best seller around Asia as well as in the Softlensqueen online shop. Princess Idol Roze is a rebranding softlens from Korea named uria idol roze. The shop markets their product with the name of Princess after the pattern and design of the lens itself. Since it has a natural look, you can also wear this lens for your daily activity too.  

Princess Idol Roze – The Best Seller of Natural Softlens in Asia

Princess Idol Roze – The Best Seller of Natural Softlens in Asia
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Softlens or Colored Contact Lenses have become a necessity nowadays. People will use it to support their eyes’ ability without having to deal with bulky glasses. Some of they even wear softlens for daily life to support their appearance. In this article, we will discuss and review the Princess Idol Roze soft lenses. So, if you are looking for a new addition of softlens, you should read this article. until the last word.
The specs
The base curve is 8.6 mm with 14.00 mm in diameter. The lenses are made in Korea just like the Uria Roze. The water content is 45 percent and after one year, you should dispose of it then change it into a new one. If you purchase this item, you will get one free lens case too. Since the lens type is natural, you do not need to worry if it will look weird on you.
About the lens
Princess Idol Roze is available in four color variants such as beige, olive, nude and charcoal. The size is available for normal eyes and minus eyes. The minus size is up to minus 10, which is not like any other soft lens brands on the market. To match your appearance, you can purchase all colors and suit it with your activity, clothes, and other things you wear today.
According to the users who have been purchased and worn the lens, these products are comfortable to wear. Even if you are a fan of blue and green eyes, you should give this brand a try considering this is one of the nicest lenses you would ever see. The lenses are comfortable for everyday use too. You cannot even feel you are currently wearing something on your eyes.
Many people love the colors especially for those who are not used to wear colorful softlens. However, the water content is not high considering it is only 45 percent of the lens. As long as your eyes could produce natural water content in a normal amount, you can wear the lens up to 4 hours or so.
Meanwhile, it would be a bit uncomfortable for those who have dry eyes condition. You will feel your eyes got dry after wearing it for 4 hours straight. Also, you might feel something is bothering your eyes and you will need to put some eye fluid later.
As we have mentioned earlier, Princess Idol Roze is a rebranded brand fromUria Roze from Korea. It has similar materials and quality but sold at a much more adorable price. This Softllens have gained its popularity considering this has been the best seller in the Softlensqueen online shop as well as in Asia.
Since the lenses are available in four variant colors, you can mix and match it with what you wear today. Even though the water content is considered low, you can still feel comfy wearing it day by day. Other than that, the lens is available up to Plano -10.00.
You can wear the lens up to one year with proper care. Princess Idol Roze was named after the design and pattern of the lens. So, if you want to get a new collection of soft lenses, you should try this one.
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