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July 13, 2018

Do you want contact lenses that will help you to stay natural with your eyes’ look? Sweety Batis Gray can be a perfect choice for you.


The Specification of the Contact Lenses

Sweety Batis Gray is made of strong pigments that are developed in a laboratory with advanced technology. The pigments are aimed to help you avoid fake – effect to your eyes and keep it stay natural in appearance. They also come with limbal ring that functions to improve your eyes’ natural look. They have refreshing but simple design that will be perfect for upgrading your style. The contact lenses come with 14.5mm in diameter with 38% of water content. The size is relatively smaller if compared to the common contact lenses found in market now. This is to make sure that your eyes will look stay natural and no one will realize that you are using contact lenses. They are also incomparable natural lenses that will perfect for either dark or light eyes’ color. That makes it possible for the lenses to blend with the actual color of your eyes. The contact lenses are also completed with medical certification to make sure that they are safe and without risks. Unlike the other similar products, you can use the contact lenses for longer period of time for about 6 up to 8 hours a day. Your eyes will not dry so quickly and eye drop is not needed as often as before. The gray color of the contact lenses is so wonderful that will be perfect with whatever hair color you have since the color is the neutral one.


How to Use the Contact Lenses

To safely wear the Sweety Batis Gray contact lenses, there are some steps that you need to accomplish thoroughly.

  1. The first step is that you need to use the lens solution to soak the contact lenses. You have to soak the lenses at least up to 6 hours before you use them for the first time. This is to make sure that the contact lenses are completely hygienic. Make sure that you always do this procedure each time you want to use the contact lenses.
  2. Make sure that you only apply contact lens solution with multipurpose function to clean your soft lens. Just keep in mind to not use tap water to rinse the lenses as well as the contact case.
  3. The next step is smoothly pulling the top eyelid with your finger. Use your middle finger to pull the bottom eyelid and then use your index finger to put the lenses on your eyes.
  4. After that close your eyes. Make sure that you blink for several times naturally first to make sure that the lenses are applied correctly.
  5. Smoothly pull down the bottom eyelid when you want to remove the contact lenses from your eyes. Use your index finger to touch the lenses’ bottom edge and then slide them down. After that, use your index finger and thumb to squeeze the lenses smoothly and then pull them out.


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