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How long my order will be processed

I have duplicate order. One is paid and the other is unpaid (or status show awaiting payment). How to cancel the unpaid order?

Is the product price for one pair or for one lens?

What power should i choose if I do not wear glasses normally?

When will you restock / how often you do restock?

Does Sofltlens Queen sell astigmatic lens?

Do you have (+) plus prescription for farsighted?

Which Diameter / Base Curve / Prescription should I have?

Can I get different diameter from what is stated in the website?

My products defect, what should I do?

Shipping & Tracking

Has my order been shipped?

Why my tracking status is ’origin post is preparing shipment’ and stays the same for quite some time?

How to track my order?

It’s been 15 days, I have not yet received anything from you?

My tracking number does not exist in POS INDONESIA Site or other POST agency website, why?

How much is the shipping cost?

Is the custom tax included in the price?

Product Information

What are you lenses made from? Are they safe to wear?

What is the most natural contacts you have?

Is there any difference between 14.0 mm and 14.2 mm diameter lenses?

Why some circle lenses comes in 48-60% water content while the other lens comes in 38%? is there huge difference?

What is Silicone Hydrogel lenses?

I have just received my lenses, but I noticed that the color is not the same as what I have been purchase before. What makes the lens color become darker or lighter than before?

Payment Information

I have made payment for my order, but it is not processed yet. My payment was made by echeck. Can you please let me know when my order will be processed and shipped?

Why my transaction in Paypal is not complete?


Can I do drop shipping?

Softlens Queen is not responding to my message that left on the BOX of contact us, why?

Why I haven’t received a response email from customer service yet?

I not found any answer for my question