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Good for dark brown eyes

I was skeptical that this wouldn’t give me the same effect as the Avenue fx gray contact lenses but it actually did! It gave me a nice gray and actually covered my entire eye but the ring around makes it look natural.

Great customer service

Love my contacts, took awhile to get them, but customer service was very helpful. Thank you 🙂

Sweety Pitchy Blue
Yolanda Garcías love it
Beautiful Blue Eyes

I love it.
Pitchy Blue changed my brown color eyes to a beautiful blue color❤️
I highly recommended it!

More blue than Gary

I love it and love how well great it looks on me But it's more blue than it is gary but overall i still love it. Will order again.

Avenue FX Brown
Starla Herston

Larger than I thought on Prescribed brown but pretty. Free pair is right diameter glad they sent them. They're green gray. Can see some of my natural brown through. Overall good

Sweety Pitchy Blue
Nicole Martinez

My eyes are medium dark brown these lenses look like a blue contacts over brown and looks fake r than other ones like magic grey is phenomenal, they sent me green ones as a surprise which were significantly better than the actual ordered which was a Pleasant surprise since I never really need pink contacts or designs or anything, I usually purchase from here and eventually come across very functional lenses

Look brown

They look more brown then gray. They are pretty. May try a different color

Avenue Azul Blue
Catalina Velez
Avenue azul

Love these! They’re my favorite pair!
Very natural looking on dark brown eyes

Bollycon DNA Green
Camila Martins
I love it

The best lenses for sure :)))

Very happy 2nd purchase

Good price and service, the best quality.
I'll be wakring for delivery around 2 months and 2 weeks but delay due to customs review.
I'm very happy with my contact lenses, i recomend us.

Natural Purple

I have brown eyes and I was worried that these lenses would be too light to even be noticed. I am happy to report that while the color is subtle, it is definitely a lavender. If people had purple eyes, these would be "natural". Very good for those occasions when you want your purple eyes, but can't be stealing the spotlight. I have noticed that they seem to get a little itchy after a few hours of wear, but am hopeful that after a few wear, clean, soak cycles they will be just as comfortable as my other lenses.

Not Quite as Expected

I was super excited to get these lenses, and they are a beautiful color wheel, but they don't look as cool as anticipated on brown eyes. I get a little of the blue and red, but the rest seems muddy. This includes the sliver of space that goes beyond my iris; I don't see the rainbow on the white of my eye, either. Making things worse is that the lenses seem a little itchy after a few hours of wear.

Would highly recommend!

10/10 for comfort and 9.5/10 for appearance.

Sweety Spatax Green
lupe salinas
love them

Absolutely love how they make my eyes look!!!

Sweety Pitchy Blue
Tasha Espinosa
My favorite

These contacts are fabulous. They make my dark green eyes look aqua marine. People ask all the time if there mine. I have been wearing these about 4 years now. Nothing even compares to these.

Bollycon DNA Gray
Diana Sandrick
Head turner

These really show up well on my dark brown eyes. Very comfortable and did not notice any shadowing around the opening.


So let’s get to the nitty gritty, EOS
Matake brown
I absolutely am vibing the unique color. I’ve never seen a brown like this but it’s interesting 🤔 cool and calm simultaneously it really changes me completely it gives my eyes 👀 that mysterious cool sexy cat stare I’m loving 🥰 them and so is my booboo he hates me wearing contact lenses , but I got a smirk 😏 and a nod with these!

I love the

I buy them all the time

Bona Lensi irish Blue
Valerie Gutierrez

Beautiful color

Sweety Batis Brown
Valerie Gutierrez

Love the color so natural looking

Awesome color

Really beautiful color, found myself a girlfriend thanks to it, she thinks that my eyes are naturally this beautiful, hopefully, she never realize it :D

Very vibrant against dark brown, nearly black eyes! Comfortable and easy to wear as well.

Sweety Spatax Gray
Della Segotta

I have received your product and am satisfied overall withe the contacts I have ordered a second pair and look forward to ordering in the future.


They are really gorgeous!!!! I am so happy I bought them!!!

MICA Sparkle Champagne
Patricia Lease

These contacts are my favorite. Metallic, shiny silver with a touch of bronze in the center. Has a dark outer ring to blend and slightly enlarge your iris. I get a lot of compliments with these. Amazing for everyday use, and would be great for cosplay... vampires, werewolves, androids, Riddick!!