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Kitty Mini Cemore Green

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Kitty Mini Cemore Green - Natural Colored Contacts i the perfect shade from our range of lenses that you can put on smoothly whenever you want a fresh, lush look. 


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) 14,2mm 
Water Content (%) 55 % water 45% Hema
Duration (max.) 6 Month
Includes Free Lens case
Size Plano till -6,00


  • It has hues of cinnamon and sage green, which brighten up your face, and you can rock a no-makeup look just by sliding a pair of these classy lenses on. 
  • These non-prescribed top nosh pairs of lenses are made out of tested safe material, which renders no harm to your delicate eyes.
  • 55% water for maximum hydration


So what is stopping you from grabbing a pair of your Kitty Mini Cemore? It’s going to be a valuable addition to your vanity.


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Kitty Mini Cemore Green

Why Choose Kitty Mini Cemore Green?

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