EOS Asha Gold Ring - EOS - Softlens Queen - Natural Colored Contact Lenses

EOS Asha Gold Ring

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Note: if you have a different prescription for both eyes and need for a different prescription of lenses (example: -1.00 & -1.25) you should buy for two pairs of lenses, you will get a four-bottle)


Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made Korea
Diameter (mm) 14,2
Water Content (%) 62% polymacon + 38% water (Silicon Hydrogel)
Duration (max.)

6-12 months disposable


Approved Certificated by KFDA, FDA, ISO, CE & KGMP also UVA & UVB protection and antibacterial


EOS Contact lens Daily, extreme comfort up to 12 hours

Includes Free Lens case
Size Plano till -6.00