Avenue Ice Gray

Base Curve (mm) 8.6
Made USA
Diameter (mm) 16
Water Content (%) 60% Water 60% Polyhema
Duration (max.) 6 Month
Manufacture Avenue Solotica USA
Size Plano till -8.00

Customer Reviews

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Love my eyes!

Loving my Avenue Ice Gray eyes!


These contacts look totally natural! Absolutely gorgeous! My eyes are naturally green so these make them look totally different! Love these and so comfortable, can wear them all day.


I paid $18 extra for 5-12 day shipping and didn’t receive it until 15 business days later. BUT the quality is awesome! I can actually see through these! It’s not foggy at all and they are so soft and thin, I forget I’m wearing them. I’ve been buying cheap contacts for years which always irritated my eyes and were too thick and looked fake. These cost more but actually look very natural and they don’t irritate my eyes at all, even after 12 hours. My eyes are naturally dark brown, these make my eyes look very bright! I absolutely love them! Definitely worth the money! And I was pretty mad about paying for fast shipping and not receiving by the promised time, but next time I will just order standard shipping.

Beautiful color

It’s not super bright but the grey is very pretty. The lenses are comfortable and looks natural! I love the effect that they give.

Love it I ordered again

Love it I ordered again

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These contacts are amazing! They look so so natural and super comfortable to wear. The colors are beautiful on dark eyes. Looks so natural!!❤️❤️🙌🏼

Soft lens

So skin tone has a lot to do with your selection of lens color I’ve been told they look fake on me and also that my skin tone is a great match so I’m a little torn but my opinion is
the green is to reptile for my skin color,but they are comfortable and will look great on la lighter skin individual

Super happy

I’ve been a softlensqueen customer going on two years now and we’ve had our rough patches here and there,but these lenses make up for the headaches they are not only natural looking,but extremely comfortable it’s like I’m wearing nothing. I get a good 19 hours wear without having to use any drops I highly recommend them honestly.

Love them

Easy to put in, comfortable to wear. My
Only complaint is that the case that they cane in leaked but apart from that they’re perfect :)

Blended nicely to give you a natural effect (On Dark Brown Black Eyes)

I'm Asian with dark brown blackish eyes, these lenses are beautiful if you want your eyes to look light. The color may say Irish Brown but it is not brown at all. It is more of a yellowish green but not weird looking. I got a lot of compliments with these lenses and they are gorgeous. These are the type of lens that I must wear makeup with or else I look weird if I don't. It's not a sheer natural type of lens. Up close you can tell they are not your real eyes sorta but it is blended realistic looking. If you were hoping these are brown then don't get them. I wore these for hours and these are one of the most comfortable lenses I have. Buy these if you want your dark eyes to look light. These are very opaque to cover dark eyes.