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Tips The Right Ways to Wear Softlens


Wear Softlens has become a common thing for almost everyone. Many people know how it looks like. However, not everybody knows the right ways to Wear Softlens. Some people get paranoid even before they wear it since they imagine this small thing invaded their eyes.


Tips The Right Ways to Wear Softlens

There are some people who do not care about the right ways to wear Softlens and so it causes problems in the future. As a matter of fact, wearing Softlens may not be easy. As mentioned earlier, wearing Softlens is like putting something into a sensitive area, in this case, your eyes. For those reasons, the right ways to wear Softlens should refer to the high standard of cleanliness. Well, here are some tips on the right ways to wear Softlens that you can apply. The Steps to Wear Softlens :

The Right Ways to Wear Softlens  


    • The first step is washing your hands before you touch or handle your Softlens. As a reminder, you better use non-detergent soap. If you are taking your Softlens with its tool, you must make sure that you have cleaned the tool by soaking it into hot water.


The Right Ways to Wear Softlens
    • Place your Softlens on the edge of your point finger. Then, while you are facing the mirror, pull the Softlens to your under eye lid with your middle finger. Meanwhile, you can also pull your upper eye lid with your point finger and pull it straight to the top. Just make sure that your eyes don’t blink while you are inserting the Softlens. After that, stick your Softlens in thewhite part of your eyes.
    • After the Softlens stick on your eyes, you better close your eyes and try to blink several times in order to place on the right position. Well, now you can try these steps to your other eye.



3 Simple Steps to Take Off your Softlens

    • Prepare lens case andeye drops. Before, you take off your Softlens, first of all you need to wash the lens case and soak it in hot water. You also need to make sure that your hands are clean. Wash your hands with antiseptic or non detergent soap. Use specialeye drops before you take off your Softlens, by doing so, your eyes won’t dry and you will feel more comfortable.Open your eye lids with your middle finger. Take off your Softlens with your point finger and you thumb, push it gently and pull it out of your eyes. Don’t be afraid to stick it on your eyes, it won’t hurt you.


    • Keep the Softlens in the box and repeat the simple steps to take off the other Softlens on your other eye.


    So, how is it? Dare enough to Wear Softlens now? Softlens is easy to wear and to take off, the most important thing is you must be brave and keep it clean. Therefore, there won’t be any problem!


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