Our COVID-19 Update - Update April 2nd, 2020


Dear Our beloved customers,

How are you? we hope you are in a good and healthy condition. We would like to inform you about the latest conditions related to the covid-19 virus in several countries

We wanted to reach out to you and offer you some clarity during this time of uncertainty. Rest assured that it's mostly business running as usual for us at Softlens Queen's. We're maintaining safe and healthy service so that we can serve your needs, uninterrupted.


What is the current condition in our office regarding covid-19?

  • Our ecommerce site and customer service are running as usual. Our CS team has always worked remote, so recent office changes have little impact on us. You can contact us on via email : sales@softlensqueen.com or facebook live messenger.


  • Shipping to all countries may have affected. This is due to cargo flight disruptions from our warehouse. As of 3/04/2020, if your purchase any of the products and ship your products using a standard registered air mail, Your package will reject from transit country and will returned to sender country. Due of this issue, we only can serve to ship your package with EMS EXPRESS SHIPPING. Why we recommend you to use EMS? because EMS will direct shipped to your country without transit to another country. We also will Insurance all package to protect against loss or damage during shipping.


  • Shipping times have been affected. As of 3/04/2020, you can expect a delay of 5-14 working days for all locations regardless of shipping method, due to a substantial reduction in flight frequencies and changes in overseas postal administration policies. 


  • Fulfilment and warehousing are running as usual. 


  • Our warehouse is handling products in the most feasibly hygienic way. All of employee should to wear masks (a norm in Asia), and washed a hand with water and soap before working. Water, masks, hand sanitizer and soap are readily available at our facilities. Surfaces are also wiped and disinfected several times a day.


  • Your packages are safe. According to the NIH and in a joint study published in the NEJM, coronaviruses don't survive beyond 2 days on plastic and paper, which are the primary materials in our packaging.


We apologize if we are unable to offer you our best service at this time. However, We hope this gives you some reassurance and eases any anxiety. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience and also your biggest support for us.

Please remember to follow your national health institute's guidelines for staying safe and healthy. 🙏 And also, WASH YOUR HANDS with soap and water as often as possible!

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