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Customer health and safety are our top priority. We commit to do business ethically and responsibly by selecting leading manufacturers in South Korea, Japan, and the United States that have international health certifications from KFDA, ISO and CE.

The popularity of the GEO circle lens has resulted in some fake lenses coming into the market.

All the GEO circle lenses owned by Softlens Queen are of course original, but we urge all customers to check the authenticity of their GEO circle lens with a GEO counterfeiting check system.

As part of the "GEO Medical anti-counterfeit campaign", authorized vendors are required to apply the GEO product authenticity stickers when they distribute. Softlens Queen's apply this sticker on the bottom of the contact lens bottle. Please note that each serial code can only be verified once to maintain system integrity.

This is what makes us always strive to provide the best for our customers. And yes, the number of products sold is a result of the customer's trust in our hard work.


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