by Revita Elistine April 17, 2018 2 min read

A variate option of brands and colors allows us to choose contact lens according to our taste.

To know which contact lens is match for your needs, this time Softlens Queen will review one of our favorite, which is No Bluk Brown Contact Lens.


For you who often use contact lenses, it seems that No Bluk Brown is a mandatory for you to try. Because it has the right composition and water content, so that this contact lens is very comfortable to use.

Then how to choose contact lens color that is suitable with our skin tone?

Do not worry, for you who have light skin tone, you are free to choose any contact lens color according to your wishes, because it will suitable for you. And if you who have medium or dark skin tone, dark color is the most suitable color for you.


As a visual support tool, No Bluk Brown contact lens also has advantages and disadvantages, including;

The advantages:

  • - Contact lens is light and thin
  • - It is easier to distinguish the inside of the contact lens (faded color) and the outer contact lens (brighter color)
  • - High water content contact lens (42%)
  • - Not irritate the eyes
  • - The soft and light color will beautify the face
  • - Can be purchased in here


The disadvantages:

  • - The surface of contact lens is thin, so be careful when you use it


Therefore, in addition to be careful, do not forget to always take care of the cleanliness of the contact lens itself. First soak the contact lens with a special liquid, then store it on a special soft case to keep it clean and dust free. Make sure the soft case is also clean because a dirty case will cause the softlens infected by bacteria.


When you store the contact lens in a soft case, make sure it has been already tightly closed and has been filled by contact lens special liquid. There are two parts of a soft case, which is the right and the left side for each side of the contact lens. Never save both softlens in one place. It will cause the attachment of both contact lens and if it is attached, it is difficult to separate and the worst case is the contact lens could be broken (tear). Not only that, you should also remember to replace the soft case periodically, at least once in 3 months. Because even though you have been cleaned soft cases regularly, there’s still a chance of bacteria infected. Therefore, the replacement of soft cases on a regular basis is very important to do.


Currently, there are many fake and unbranded contact lenses offer a much cheaper price than the market price. Therefore, you should be careful in the contact lens brand selection. Because not everything that fits to other people will also fit on us. The sensitivity of each person's eyes is different. So keep be careful in choosing a product, to fit our eyes.


Well, for you who are curious about this Nobluk Brown, immediately order in here and share your review in using this contact lens on our website.

Revita Elistine
Revita Elistine

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Nice lenses

I found these to be natural looking and very comfortable as well!

Batis Spartax Marine

Hello I would highly recomend. The contacts beautiful color it covers my dark brown eyes very comfortable as well

Love Chanel Blue

I love to change! This time it was Chanel Blue! I have only to say: wonderful color, comfort 1000. Congratulations !!!

Extremely natural, very comfortable, gonna get more of them!

I got these lenses 2 days ago, after waiting a few weeks - the delivery was quite fast imo, considering where they come from.
First off, the lenses look SUPER natural. Not only do they cover the dark color of your eye completely but the middle part of the pupil blends in well and doesn't make you look cross-eyed (which is why I bought these lenses after seeing other reviews).
Second, the lenses are so comfortable that I honestly forget about them and could wear them more than the recommended time if I wanted because of that! As someone new to lenses I actually didn't expect them to be this good. I've gotten so many compliments and people staring at me and I feel much hotter.

Not like pictures

Did not come out as gray is it shows i was very disappointed ..