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Hallo, back again with Softlens Queen! What a busy month for us with many new products we will introduce you. But among those new products that’s one that really steals our heart. That’s Kitty Kawaii brand and because it comes with very adorable cute packaging. I believe you already familiar with this brand very well.   There’s nothing wrong with a little introduction. Kitty Kawaii is the brand of one-month contact lens with high popularity all across Asia. This brand was launched right in the middle of tough competitive soft lens market with many brands started the natural color trend. Kitty Kawaii is a brand of Vassen Korea. This product has been approved by South Korea Ministry of Health ensuring this product is 100% safe. Kitty Kawaii products are distributed from Thailand to all over the world.   Kitty Kawaii’s most popular product is Mini Ava series. It is available in three color variants: Grey, Blue, and Brown. All colors offer perfect blend with the color of your eyes when you wear the lens. What really stands out is the packaging. It’s cute and like no other! Kawaii refers to cute and attractive and it is really reflected on the packaging design.



Important product information such as moisture rate, base curve, diameter, and others are clearly printed on the packaging and on the lens bottle. Had you order this product from Softlens Queen, we use our own packaging. You can request us to send the original packaging label on the customer note.  



Base Curve (mm) : 8.6 Made in Korea

Diameter (mm) : 14,5mm

Water Content (%) : 55 % water 45% Hema

Duration (max.) : 1 Month

Includes : Free Lenscase

Size : Plano till -10,00  

If you are looking for natural colored soft lens that looks so splendid on your eyes, we are highly recommending this product. It is available from plano up to minus -10,00.   What I think about the lenses? Pretty, comfortable, vibrant, really good for natural look.


Comfort: 4.5/5

No comfort issues except it started drying out after about 4 hours which is near the time that you should stop wearing it, but other than that no. It was also sliding around on my right eye from time to time, it didn't bother me but just was weird when I was trying to do a video of them. LOL One of them derped hard so I had to edit it out of the video.


Diameter Size : 4/5

Pretty standard size, it's 14.5 mm which is my go to size for lenses. It's not too big and not too small.


Color: 5/5

Need I say more? The color is absolutely gorgeous. The first thing someone said about the lenses to me were "WOW, these pop, they're really natural".  


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