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Not everyone has a perfect vision, impaired vision can be experienced by anyone. For you who like sports but have visual problems, you might feel confused whether to use contact lenses or glasses. You might consider some of the things in this article and find what works best on you.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using contact lenses during sports?


If your hobby is sports, contact lenses may be the safest option. You do not have to remove your vision aid repeatedly just because of sweating. The glasses will usually be foggy and blocking your vision If used for fast-moving physical activity. Dr. Clay Mattson, an ophthalmologist in Lexington, Kentucky suggests you to prefer using contact lenses if you are a sport hobbyist.


Glasses vs Contact Lens for Sports

Contact lenses are much safer to use for sports activities. Glasses according to Clay Mattson are more likely to cause injury than contact lenses because glasses are considered vulnerable to break especially if your hobby is basketball, soccer, or softball.


When you use contact lenses, you can also use sports glasses, sunglasses, or swimming goggles to protect your eyes. This gives you the freedom to choose to use any additional glasses without feeling limited because of your vision problems.


However, it does not mean contact lenses have no weaknesses. There is still a thought that contact lenses can fall in the middle of sports activities. According to Dr. Mattson, this may happen, but this will not happen if you use contact lenses as recommended by your ophthalmologist. Contact lens prices are also still considered expensive because you routinely have to replace contact lenses at certain times. Not to mention if you forget where to put contact lenses when removing them. Then you should always prepare to carry backup contact lenses.


Pros and Cons of Using Eyeglasses for Sport

Not everyone can use contact lenses. Some eye conditions make contact lenses actually become an unfavorable choice for some patients. No need to worry about the choice of glasses for sports. You can choose diving goggles, ski goggles, sunglasses, or special sports goggles to protect your eyes. If you want to buy goggles that are specific to the sport, make sure you choose a flexible, comfortable, and in accordance with your daily style.


There must be a sense of worry that there will be an incident whether intentionally or unintentionally which can cause glasses to fall if you use it for exercising. Especially if you do sports that require a lot of moves like running, a collision-proof glass frame may be your choice.


Keeping your glasses for sports may also reduce your agility because occasionally you have to remove and wipe the glasses that are foggy because of the breath or sweat.



Revita Elistine
Revita Elistine

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