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Are you very fond of using contact lens? Softlens Queen provides soft lenses with high-quality products. The company also offers interesting discount contact lenses coupon for the customers.

There are a lot of products offered by the Softlens Queen that will make all contact lenses’ fans fall in love soon after they watch the stuff. Some of the products provided by the contact lens company include Sweet Dior Brown, Sweet Burberry Gray, Natural-Kitty Mini Bom Brown, Eclipse Nana Gray, and much more. To choose the products that the customers really want, they can do it in some ways. The customers can choose from brands such as Anime, Avenue, Batis 46 Lens, Bona Lensi, Eye Candy, and much more. To find the perfect colors, there are a lot of choices available to opt to include blue, pink, green, red, black, brown, and hazel.

Are you wondering about the size you should select? There is the various option of sizes to pick up. Either the customers are looking natural, realistic, dolly, bright, or costume styles, the company will provide them all. In addition, there will be discount contact lenses coupon that can be used by the customers to get an interesting price cut off for the products offered. The customers will get 10% off and with code SAVE10, (for minimum purchase $30). That’s a very interesting offering.

How to Buy the Products?

To buy the products of Softlens Queen, there are some useful tips that customers should know. Before starting to order, the customers should be familiar with the Terms and Condition as well as the Shipping and Returns Policies of the company. If the customers have never used any contact lens before, they should ask for an optometrist’s advice first. The second thing to do is creating an account on the company’s site to keep track of the customers’ orders and delivery information. The customers could easily browse on the company’s catalog simply by clicking the links displayed on the top bar and sidebar.

How to Select the Items on the Company's Catalogue?

To select the contact lenses displayed on the Softlens’ Queen’s catalog, there are some steps to accomplish.

1.   Find and then choose the product you like and then you should click on the product image to get the detail information of the items. You should opt the prescription, and make sure to pick up the 0.00 (Plano) if your eyes are healthy. But if you have myopia, you should pick up sph measurement if you think that your vision should be corrected. However, the company does not contact lens products for hyperopia.

2.   Next, you should enter the amount you'd like to buy provided on the page of product detail. After that, just click on the button of Add to Cart to put more products in the basket.

3.   There will be a message pops up to inform that the products you want have been added to the cart. You will also need to click on the View Cart that comes with the popped up message if you want to go the Shopping Cart.

Softlens Queen
Softlens Queen

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783 reviews
Bona lenses

Beautiful color

Very natural looking

Comfortable and they look natural with my hazel eyes. Looks soft and pretty!


I love them..i buy from softlensqueen all the time I'm never unsatisfied ❤

i love it

color looks great and people can't even tell they're contacts unless they're super up close and personal. i'm out here catfishing as if my eyes were really blue

Beautiful, natural, comfortable!

These are my all-time favorite lenses. This is my third time purchasing, first time from SoftLens Queen. Still just as amazed and in love, and they blend beautifully in my green-brown eyes. The pictures are of it with natural light, and with my ring light, and it's just as flawless either way!